82: The mother of darkness


A tear rolls down my cheek.

"Goodbye, Katje". I whisper softly. "I swear your death will be avenged”.

"Now you see what they are capable of”. Strano puts his hands in the pockets of his night-black Armani jacket. "It is only the beginning”.

I hiss angrily at him. "How can you choose them over your own ?"

"You still do not understand, do you ?" Strano rolls his eyes. “They would not be here if it were not for you. Remember that”.

“You knew it all from the start, right ? That there were several dogs and that I knew about them. That's why you did not kill me right away when you came up here and picked me up. That’s the truth right ?" I can’t help but seek assurance that I am right.

He gives a small sigh. “I saw an opportunity and I took it. When the girls sacrificed Elisabeth, I could not prove that they were involved. I bet you would throw in the dogs as bait if you got the chance, and that Lyndsey would bite”.

"What about her ?" I nodded down toward the figure with the
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