Chapter sixty-nine

In the front of the border of the South pack, Alpha Bryan was facing Alpha Homer and his hundred thousand rouge's warriors.

"How dare you invade my pack, Alpha Homer," Alpha Bryan said coldly. The rogues and the South warriors are battling with each other, but the rogues unexpectedly use a human weapon.

"You, arrogant brat! You are the same with your mate, Andrea. I wonder if she is okay now. I heard she was pregnant now? Likewise, I hope she will not die before I kill her," Alpha Homer said wickedly, and he laughed like a crazy madman. Alpha Bryan clenched his fist. He was angry because of what Alpha Homer said.

"What do you mean?" Alpha Bryan asked after he attacked Alpha Homer, but Alpha Homer strangely stopped Alpha Bryan's attack which made Alpha Bryan shocked in this belief.

How did he stop my attack? He was supposed to crash down. He thought.

"Bryan, let's bring him down before it's too late. I sense a dark ener
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