Chapter 38 His Shameful Secret

Ok, Rafał took the first step, he said it, but he didn't hear laughter. Not yet. But the first piece of information was not that shocking either.

Damian Radosz was not a professional filmmaker, but he must have guessed that it is not easy to find the right romantic emotions when dozens of people from the film crew look at you. The kiss was something intimate, so if someone was not an experienced actor, they may have a problem with it.

Many actors have the same problem, but everything passes over time.

“You have nothing to worry about. As you get more experience on set, you'll be kissing like a pro. All you need to do is feel comfortable enough to bring up your emotions and real-life experiences.”

So Radosz thought exactly as Rafał had predicted. He approached the matter in terms of a filmmaker. He assumed that the only problem with Brylski was his lack of experience on the set.

But in the case of Rafał it was not the point at all!

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