Princess (MxM)

Princess (MxM)

By:  The Awkward Leaf  Completed
Language: English
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Luke was a prostitute, not that he had a choice. He was kidnapped when he was twelve and sold and rented off to different men. At the age of 20, he was deemed damaged goods and left on the streets to die. Valentino Sero was a ruthless man, that is if you cross him. He runs hotels and casinos, as well as underground gun and drug trades. You know the gist, Italian man, involved with the mafia. One thing about him is he likes to take in broken people, help them and trap them into working in the mafia for the rest of their lives.

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45 Chapters
I fell down the cold basement floor with a grunt. I had no fight left in me anymore. After being used, again and again, I was deemed damaged goods. They could no longer profit me for my body. I tried to get up, pain shooting up from every corner of my body. I felt a hard blow against my ribs, any sound failed to escape my throat. I was tired, and after days of getting beaten and raped, I lost my voice. "I thought I could sell you for a few more months, or maybe rent you out for a couple of months to one of my partners. Too bad you're all used up. My men don't even want to use you anymore." He said, with no emotion in his voice as he tapped his shoe against my forehead. " I could just kill you, you know," he continued. "But where's the fun in that." He says as he delivered a rough kick to my stomach. I could barely grunt in response. "Get him out. Leave him on the streets to rot. Let the vultures peck him to death or whatever." He says as he walks out. "Oh," he adds, turning to fac
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Valentino's POVThe sun is glaring harshly against my skin as I walk down the alleyways. I spend my weekends looking for men to recruit. There will always be someone needing money or drugs and I simply offer it to them in exchange for their service. They are trained or sent to rehab as needed and assigned to work under me and do my bidding as I lay back and absolve myself of any crimes. Picking up people from the streets proved one thing, they will do anything in return when you help them. I had a few stragglers here and there thinking they could outsmart me, but they were easy to handle. They had no friends, no family outside the mafia. Nobody cared for them before, nobody will care for them after.I kick off a few syringes that are laying around the cement floor as I make my way into the corner. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel as they make their way through the woods. I walked further into the alley and found my jackpot.A man, no, a boy? Was laying on the floor, nak
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Luke's POVI felt harsh light glaring against me as I open my eyes. I was surrounded by white lights, illuminating the room. Am I in heaven? No, probably not. With the number of sins I've unwillingly committed, I highly doubt I'll be granted entry to heaven. Even god must be disgusted with me, hell, probably even Satan himself. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of hospital bed. Multiple wires are attached to me and there's an IV attached to my arm. I was surrounded by white curtains and the only sound I hear is the endless beeping of the machine. This only means one thing, I'm alive. When I thought I finally found peace in death, I was forced to live another day.I tried moving my arms but my muscles betrayed me, not moving an inch. I tried to speak up and call someone, but opening my throat felt like ripping duct tape off of my skin. I heard footsteps approaching and the curtains were pushed aside. Entering was a lady, probably the doctor, given the white coat she was w
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I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, but the kid I picked up earlier keep appearing in my mind. I don't know what lured me to him. I could've left him there, but I felt obligated to bring him home. His features remind me of someone who I can't exactly remember. Giving up on trying to get some rest, I stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom when I heard knocking on my door. "Come in!" I said, sitting on the edge of the bed.Emilio opens the door and peeks his head in. I motioned for him to get inside. "Boss, your new recruit's awake," Emilio says.I raised one of my eyebrows in return. How come he's awake already? It's only been a few hours since we got here. "Yeah, well Doc's surprised as well. I'm guessing he won't be awake for long so it's best to visit him now." Emilio says as he walks out the door.I heaved a deep sigh and stood up. Making my way to the medical wing, I greeted a few of my men as they pass by the hallway. As I was near his bed, Dr. Silvano was jus
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Walking out of the room and towards my office, I realized that I forgot one thing. I forgot t ask their name. I debated on whether to come back or not, but seeing how they were ready to take a rest, I decided to just ask tomorrow.I passed by Emilio and Romero along the hallway and motioned for the to come to follow me to the office. We enter and I took a seat on the office chair behind my desk as the two take each seat placed in front of the desk."Need anything, Boss?" Emilio asks."Try to find where the kid came from. Dr. Silvano didn't mention any tattoos or brandings on them." I reply."What for? We can't exactly meddle with their business, boss. That was an agreement. We don't mess with small-time gangs, they don't cross us." Romero says."Did I say that we'll do anything to them? I just told you to find where the kid came from." I say, sending a glare at Romero, demanding he challenge me.Romero averts his eyes and replies, "Will work on it, Boss.""Anything else you wish for u
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Luke's POV1 Month LaterIt's been a month since my last encounter with Valentino. Up until now, I am still unsure of what he wants from me. For the past month, he has been coming to my aid. Helping me eat, bathe, and as well as with my physical therapy sessions. I'm guessing he's trying to gauge how much he could sell me for when I'm all better. Just the thought made me shiver. However, Emilio and Romero, as I came to know after a few days in the medical wing, were more chatty than their boss. They would always bring me treats now and then and make small talk. They never asked about my past or where I came from but I brushed it off. It was rare that I get treated like a human being so I just tried to enjoy the moment until I can't.Valentino told me before that I should make myself useful in the mansion so that he would not sell me off, but he never told me what my role would be. He doesn't even talk to me whenever we're in the same room. I was also moved into one of the guest rooms
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Valentino's POV3 Weeks Ago"Found anything?" I ask as soon as Emilio and Romero entered my office."We found some CCTV footage where Luke was dumped," Emilio replies."Luke?" I ask, raising a brow.Romero then scoffs at me. "You've been hanging out around the kid for a week now and not once did you even ask his name? What? Scared you'd stutter like a lovestruck girl when you talk to him?" He chastises.I ignored Romero as he and Emilio exchanged glances and burst out laughing. "Who is it?" I ask, not waiting for them to finish their laughing fit. "Who else? We found two of their men dumping Luke beside the dumpsters. That long gash in his thigh was their parting gift." Emilio says to me as he hands me a manila folder. I opened the file and found pictures from the footage as well as pictures and information on the two goons who dumped the kid. It wasn't hard to spot these people, with the ongoing truce between the mafia and the gangs, they act invincible. Doing whatever the fuck th
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Luke’s POVAfter half an hour of riding in the car and me staring out the window in a daze, we finally reached the mall. I tried hurriedly to get out of the car, forgetting that I have a seatbelt on, making myself plummet back into my seat. Emilio laughs as I turn red in embarrassment and helped me remove my seatbelt. I then wait for him to get out of the car as I try to calm myself down from what just happened. Emilio went over to my side and opened the door."Let's go, we can't stay here for too long," Emilio said. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your little accident." He added. If my face could get any redder, it did.I stepped out of the car and looked around for a while before my gaze settled on the building front. I've never been to malls even way before. We really couldn't afford anything brand new, so we never bothered. I follow Emilio as he enters, and I immediately got distracted by the number of people inside the mall. I stopped in my tracks not used to dealing with
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Luke’s POVValentino has a tight grip on the steering wheel on the drive home. I was scared he was going to snap the wheel in half. The car started speeding up and I held onto my seat for dear life. I don't what his deal is, all I know is I want to get back to the mansion alive."Valentino, please slow down," I said, not even sure if Valentino had heard me.The speed only increased, and the blood drained from my face. I soon felt nauseous, so I closed my eyes and swallowed dryly, trying to get rid of the feeling."Valentino, slow down," I said once again, in a louder voice. I was ignored once again.I took a deep breath and leaned my head against the window. The speed that the car is going at is something I've never experienced before and it's not something I want to experience ever again."Val, slow down!" I finally shouted. Instead of slowing down, Valentino halted the car. I quickly. raised my arms against my head, thinking that he would hit me after raising my voice at him. Inste
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Valentino's POVA few hours later after Luke left my office, one of the maids knocked on the door, informing me that dinner is ready. I just gave him a nod and stood up from my desk. I decided to call Luke and escort him to dinner. I stopped in front of his room; I raised my hand to knock on his door but decided against it and opened the door instead. Luke was standing beside the bed, wearing the nightgown I was eyeing earlier. I couldn't help but stare at his figure as the nightgown hugs his body perfectly. I unconsciously licked my bottom lip. Luke must've noticed as his face turned beet red.I slowly made my way toward him and placed my hands against his waist. I felt him tense under me, so I rubbed my thumbs in a circular motion against his skin in an attempt to calm him down."I was going to call you for dinner, but I don't think it will be appropriate for you to go down wearing this," I whispered against his ear as I pull him closer to me. I pulled away to look at his gaze and I
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