Chapter 42

Mark's pov

As I leave Rillys room I know all the flirting has to stop, but I'm finding it so hard to do so. While I'm in the living room my phone ding's.

Sam: Good to know you are at Rillys for camping details,but no funny business. I mean it Mark.

Mark: yeah well thanks for volunteering me.

Sam: you know I can't go, that's a territory I can't be on and if I do then all it's going to do is cause a war. So unless you want me to ask you to help me in that war, then you will go, and maybe have some fun.

Mark: ok fine. But you owe me.

Sam: plus I'm going to send off this paperwork and have more sent to me.

Mark: O....K anyway have fun with that, your girl needs to fill me in.

Sam: k man. BEHAVE.

Mark: no promises!

So is that Sam? It was. He is doing paperwork for the pack. As well as going for a run at two in the morning for boarder control. Wow. So, when can I meet everyone? Rilly asked. That I do not k

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