Chapter 22


She didn't move.

Even after I'd practically begged her to leave because I couldn't stand the sight of her in front of me, she didn't move. Each time my gaze fell on her all I thought about was what she had said to Daniel. Where did her touch her — if he did touch her. The mere thought of his hands on her skin had me turning near feral. I wanted to cut them off and maybe force feed them to him.

And yet, the memory of what happened today still had me shuddering. Not even drowning myself in alcohol could erase the fear I saw in that vile man's eyes. The promises he made and I knew he damn well could never keep kept ringing in my ears. I remembered the feel of Gabby's skin against my palm when I had to clamp my hand over her mouth to muffle her scream when I had to push that piece of shit husband of hers off the stool he stood on because he refused to jump off. The sound of the wood creaking against

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