Chapter 30: Black Frost

The dragon wrapped its wings in pleasure after landing gracefully to the ground. It then shot me a glance, and what resembled a smirk.

  My heart began to thump at a terrible pace, and I found myself spellbound by fear at the point I was seated on the ground where I'd fallen down to.

  Just as it stared at me, with contemplative gazes, it was suddenly distracted by a struggling voice before it. The leader's.

  “Let me go this instance, Black Frost!”

  My eyes dilated as I watched in disbelief.

  ‘How can he be acquainted with such a terrifying monster?’

  As if all the shocks I'd received under the past few hours were not enough, next thing I saw started making me doubt my very own existence.

  The glacier-dragon with its wings behind its back, began to warp itself up. And looking closely, I realised that its height began to deteriorate, rapidly. The black, overlapping arrange

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