Chapter 49: Empire's Downfall

When the tension between the two powerful rulers merges, the silence becomes the loudest noise.

No one can interfere with their murderous staring contest. Well, no one would actually dare come between them.

It's no doubt.

Aesthelia kept her head bowed down as she put glasses of wine quietly on the table. It's a breath of relief that she can manage to contain her emotions all to herself. She can at least distinguish her emotions right now.

Only the breathing can be heard, followed by nervous gulps and the sound of wine as someone kept twirling the wine glass.

Aesthelia dozed off when she recalled how the emperor had protected her earlier. It's surprising given that they've only just met, and as a complete stranger at that. She wasn't so sure about calling it "protecting."

"You hit a nerve just now, your majesty." The vampire king's eyes glowed crimson red as his fangs extended, threateningly wanting to attack, but unfortunately, he held back the will. His ego has been hurt pretty
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