Hard Times

   Yuka stared at the door of his chamber as the persistent knock on the door continued. For the past thirty minutes, he'd refused to step out of his chamber to meet with his visitor. He knew that the queen had come to confront him. He wasn't afraid of her. He just didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment. The queen on the other hand, wouldn't take no for an answer. She continued to knock, despite the fact that her fists had turned red. Fifteen more minutes passed and Yuka was starting to get annoyed.

He rose to his feet and walked towards the door. Once the door was opened, he stepped out and shut the door behind him. The queen raised a hand to hit him, but he grabbed her hand before it could get to his face. 

"What is your relationship with the red blood?" Clarice demanded.

Yuka blinked, folding his muscular arms across his chest. 

“My relationship with Hazel?” he scoffed. “You, tell me”


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