Hazel: Queen Of The Half Bloods

Hazel: Queen Of The Half Bloods

By:  Whitney Bridge  Completed
Language: English
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In a world of magic, rivalry and influence, Hazel finds herself as the chosen bride of the crown prince of Silvera. Due to the rebellious streak in her veins, she ends up making several enemies within the palace walls. When she falls in love with Yuka, the half-blood brother of the Crown Prince and discovers the hidden truth about her identity as well as her lover's identity, things take a different turn. Hazel soon discovers the betrayal, the secrets and the plot of the enemies. With a fire of determination and with Yuka supporting her, she begins to seek retribution that brings her enemies to their knees.

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Kristine Iwums
An exciting read. Author, please more updates!
2022-06-20 19:28:32
57 Chapters
Sealed Fate
Jotham, Silveran Capital.2030        Hazel straightened her spine, her head held high even as she was prodded and pricked at the course of being dolled up for the Crown Prince Bride Choosing Ceremony. She clenched her jaw, trying not to show how upset she was. Just last night, she’d been in the safety of her father’s house in Rubia. But then, hours before dawn, some uniformed men had visited her dad’s home and after the men had embarked on a brief discussion with her father, he had called her to his study. Without further ado, he’d apologized to her and had allowed the uniformed men to whisk her away. Hazel had been too shocked to do anything, even while she’d been led to a train that had contained thirty other young
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The Man In The Shadows
Anslem, Rubian Capital2030        General Barron sat in his study, staring into space as he was plagued by disturbing thoughts. Barron was starting to regret sending his only daughter to Silvera just so she could become queen. Barron knew his daughter was very beautiful and he loved her dearly. Hazel's beauty was beyond the beauty of the Rubians and if she didn't have brown eyes and hair, he would've believed that she was either a silver blood or a blue blood. He snorted to himself, he was being totally ridiculous. She was his daughter and as far as he could tell, he was a red- blood. He hated the Silverans and he had only sent her there so that she could help him infiltrate the kingdom and pull it down. The problem was that Hazel probably hated him and he felt
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Violet Eyes
Jotham, Silveran Capital2030        Questions surfaced in Hazel's mind. Who was the figure in the dark? Why did he have violet eyes? As far as she knew, only black bloods possessed such color of eyes. The black bloods lived in isolation from other kingdoms. They were known as the Galacticans, since the name of their kingdom was Galactica. The black bloods were demonic in nature and they had hair and eyes ranging from red to black. In other cases, some black bloods possessed violet eyes. Black bloods were believed to have nine lives and the ability to shape shift into big or small cats. Other kingdoms despised them but really it was their fear of black bloods that drove them to hate the black bloods.Hazel couldn't help but wonder why there was a black blood in Silvera especi
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Prince Yuka
         "Who are you?" Hazel asked, watching him carefully. He smiled and her eyes widened. If Caden was gorgeous, this black blood was drop dead gorgeous. He slipped his right hand into the pocket of his pants."I would've said curiosity killed the cat. Who am I kidding? You're no cat. But, you really are nosy, aren't you?" He said, turning away from her. She watched him as he plucked one of the multicolored flowers that looked really attractive. He walked towards her and lowered her shawl from her head. Hazel's heart began to thud madly when his lavender scent drifted into her nostrils. He gazed at her for a moment, his eyes swimming with amusement. He slowly positioned the flower on her hair."There, that's much better" he said but Hazel couldn't stop staring at him. She noticed the length of his dark lashes, wondering why on earth a man would have such lovely lashes.His skin was so pale and it had such a
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The Sceptre
 Jotham, Silveran capital2030***     For a moment, Hazel was frozen to the spot, too shocked to move. She hadn't expected the queen to notice her presence.  But again, the queen was no ordinary person.     Hazel's wide eyed gaze met Yuka's and he sighed, wiping off the blood from his lips."There's no one there. I'll take my leave now" he said and the queen narrowed her eyes. "I was so sure I sensed-""You must've sensed the maids and the guards" Yuka interrupted her, his eyes discreetly telling Hazel to leave. She snapped out of her daze and walked away, feeling troubled. Why was Yuka being treated like an animal? Why did they despise him so much? Hazel did not have the answers to these questions and this worried her to no end. So, when the royal family joined her at the table, she felt utterly ill at
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Old Habits Die Hard
Yuka stared at Hazel as she embraced him. She seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that he was shirtless. But then, he felt her crying, her tears dampening his skin. It bothered him a lot. He knew that she was probably going through so much and was barely adjusting to life as the future queen of Silvera. He felt sorry for her. "Yuka?" She whispered, her head still resting on his chest. "I really don't want to make you uncomfortable, but you're so warm and you smell so good" she said and raised her head from his chest to look at him."You know that, right?" She asked with a smile on her face, despite the tears in her eyes. "Of course, I know. It's my body, isn't it?"She grinned and embraced him again. Suddenly a bubble of laughter escaped her lips. "I have no idea why I'm enjoying this. I really wish..."She stopped herself, but Yuka knew what she was going to say. She wasn't going to say that she wished that he wasn't Caden's brother. Neither was she going to say that she
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Sticks And Stones
     "Your highness? Can I come in?" Hazel sighed and stroked Yuka's fur one more time. She watched him as he jumped down from her bed and was soon staring at her from the window."Come in" she said, still staring at Yuka's cat form."I'll see you later" she whispered and he jumped out of the window right before the door was opened.Violet stepped in. She was dressed in a white blouse and white pants, her blue hair in a ponytail. Hazel's eyes widened when she saw her. "It's good to see you, Violet" she said and Violet grinned. "How is the royal life treating you?" Violet asked, smiling at her."Adapting to it isn't as easy as I thought" Violet squeezed her hand gently and set to work. A bluish glow appeared on the tips of her fingers and spread further to her upper arms. She gently touched Hazel's black eye and healed her. By the time she was done with healing the future queen, Caden walked
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The Handwriting On The Wall
    "Are you threatening me right now, your highness? No, wait. You are threatening me. Wait until Caden hears about it" The queen was getting more riled up by the second. She couldn't understand why Hazel was so immune to her. She hated it. Evey other person in the palace was completely under her control. Everyone but Yuka and Hazel. She was frustrated. Since she couldn't get either of them to fear her, she was pissed. "I have a hunch that you stole the Sceptre. But since I have no proof, I'm going to let that slide.... for now.You want to act all tough and fearless. That's fine by me. Maybe, just maybe, you're going to end up six feet below the ground sooner than I thought" the queen said and walked away. Hazel glared at the Queen's retreating figure even though, deep down she was worried. Prince Caden was boiling with anger by the time he arrived right in front of the door of Yuka's chamber. He
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Two Sides Of A Coin
  "Yuka. Hey, can you hear me?" The second prince groaned as he slowly came to, Hazel's voice sounding like it was coming from far away. "Can you hear me?" Hazel asked one more time as she gazed at him. He squinted at her when she finally came into focus. "How are you feeling?" She asked and his eyes widened when he realized that she was in his chambers again. "No, no, no. Hazel, you shouldn't be here. The queen-" he began but was silenced by the finger she placed across his lips. "Forget about the queen. You lied to me" she said, her brows furrowed. He sighed and lowered his gaze. "You told me that the effects of the poison was only going to last for a night" she said. "Hazel-""Don't 'Hazel' me. What the queen has been doing to you is just not right. How can you even stand it?""I'm sorry, I just didn't want you to blame yourself for my punishment" "How are you feeling?" She asked and he gave her a h
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Double The Trouble
Jotham, Silveran Capital2030     To say that Hazel was tensed would be an understatement. She couldn't stop pacing back and forth in her room. She needed to act quickly, but a couple of guards were outside her room. She wouldn't be able to sneak out of her room without being noticed. Hazel had a hunch that among the men standing in front of the door, one of them was a spy that the queen had put in place to monitor her. Negative thoughts invaded her mind.What if she eventually told Yuka to help her and he refuses? What if he agrees to help her, but ends up being too late. She swallowed hard and shook her head, trying to ward off these ugly thoughts.      Just before dinner, Hazel decided to sneak out of her room through the window. It was a strenuous task, but she did it anyway. She managed to sneak into the East wing of
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