Angel Academy

Angel Academy

By:  Chris Kelley  Ongoing
Language: English
83 ratings
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"It's alright Luciana, everything will be fine—they're just like you.”"No they're not, they have wings." Luciana Morgenstern has been hunted all her life. The High Council told everyone it was because she was a hybrid, but Luciana knows they truly consider her a threat because she has abilities that could make her far more powerful than even the Council's leader—so they take away the one thing that allows her to use her gifts, and put her into the Angel Academy. She has lived in the Academy for nine years now, and at the start of her tenth year, a dozen new angels join. One of which, will turn her miserable life upside down as the Council's intricate web of lies starts to unravel . . .

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Bunny Youngblood
Absolutely amazing book! I only wish it had more chapters. It is my understanding that the author stopped writing somewhere in the middle. I am excited to continue to read this book as it continues to get updated. If it ever gets updated...
2023-10-20 14:32:38
default avatar
Is this book being update??
2023-09-18 11:53:32
user avatar
Stacy Scanlon
where are the rest of the chapters? have you stopped writing the book?
2022-02-21 06:40:27
user avatar
Lisa Sican
A very engaging read.
2021-12-30 11:48:01
user avatar
taiwo olasunkanmi awoyemi
A very interesting novel
2021-09-24 03:00:31
user avatar
Klara Jevšinek
Amazing book, waiting for more
2021-08-16 20:52:57
user avatar
Julia Nora
keep going~ is there any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-22 10:27:03
default avatar
Dorothy Brown Baldwin
Great book. Thoroughly enjoy it.
2021-07-15 03:22:41
user avatar
Erika Hedström
charachters have really good development and the story is amazing!!
2021-06-19 06:45:24
user avatar
Chickie Spidell
very good. kept my attention. always wondering what will happen next.
2021-02-26 20:15:48
default avatar
Purple Lady
Still no more??
2021-02-19 04:44:29
default avatar
Purple Lady
This was an awesome book. Too bad the author hasn’t posted more of it....... 😔
2021-02-09 02:43:27
default avatar
Jenni Moser
Great story line. Well edited. Looking forward to the ending!!
2021-01-18 21:14:48
default avatar
Cyrus Hess
Is this book gonna be finished lol
2021-01-17 10:38:29
default avatar
Sammi Georgina
Awesome book
2021-01-03 05:37:29
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42 Chapters
I run as hard as I can through the tall grass that stretches above my head. I hear yelling and pounding footsteps behind me and I push myself to run faster.My lungs heave and my heart beats furiously. I glance back to see four figures slowly gaining on me.Panic sets in and I feel tears run down my face. I look forward again and hit something hard.I cry out at the impact and fall onto the ground. My head hits a rock; the breath is knocked out of me instantly and I gasp for air that won’t come.Black spots flood my vision and I am only conscious long enough to watch a grinning man's face come into view before everything goes dark.***My eyes fly open and I gasp at the pain that floods my body almost immediately. I squint against the bright white light but I can't see anything through my watering eyes.I clench my jaw, blinking back the tears. I feel panic settle deep in my chest. My stomach flips at the bleach stink filling my nose.Looking around, I realize I'm laying on facedown on
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Chapter One
“—the new students transferring here from the rehabilitation facility arrive tomorrow, so please act appropriately and set a good example,” Mr. Woodrow, the headmaster, announces.“Yes sir,” we all mutter. He speaks for a few minutes more then dismisses us.I wait for the auditorium to empty before standing. I trudge behind the crowd of students, clenching my jaw as I am
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Chapter Two
“Now Luci, all you have to do is imagine the feathers disappearing,” my father told me.I closed my eyes and did as he said.
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Chapter Three
“Winters?” I ask, tilting my head a bit.“Yeah, I think you knew my mother, Saelah Winters,” Diana speaks up.Her mother was good friends with my parents and tried to help me when I was convicted of being a threat to the world.
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Chapter Four
Mate.I sit for the rest of Flight Training with that word as the only thing on my mind. I still haven't found a reasonable explanation as to why he would say it.I'm pretty sure werewolves have a soul mate that they just call their mate, but I've never heard an angel use it.
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Chapter Five
“I could ask you the same question,” he replies, raising his eyebrow at her.“Secret hideout that’s not so secret anymore,” I murmur under my breath.“So what can you not go through again?” He asks.
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Chapter Six
"How many?" I ask him.He shrugs. "30-ish, probably more though.”"Why?""Oh no, don't direct the focus towards me, how many for you?" He says, wagging his finger.
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Chapter Seven
I’m trying to take these idiots seriously but it’s difficult when they are so completely oblivious to everything. I’ve been spending time with Diana and Daniel for two weeks and they just now noticed apparently.“Well?” Mikayla demands.I blink lazily. “What? I’m sorry I wasn’t really paying attention.”
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Chapter Eight
My hands snake up into his hair and his slide down to my hips. I suck in a sharp breath when his fingers slip up under the hem of my shirt and send a warm tingling across my skin.His lips taste of sweet mint and I can't get enough of it. I part my lips with a shaky breath when I feel his tongue pressing against my mouth.I let out a breathy moan as his tongue swirls with mine. He su
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Chapter Nine
"You're a fucking werewolf?!" I yell and he hisses."Why don't you just let the whole school know?" He spits and I drag my hands down my face with a frustrated groan."Is that even possible?" I ask quietly.
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