Chapter Forty-Five


Grace comes in early today, carrying a Tesco bag, and from here I can see the two meal deals.

"Lunch," she says with a grin, before setting it on my desk, "You're welcome, I got you the smoothie you like so much,"

I grin back at her good memory. It's not like I'm hard to please, to be fair. I eat about anything and everything you set on my way, but it's nice of her to remember the specific one I like. So far, we've been working together for a little over a month and things are working out nicely. We're heading into October already, and as the city is cooling, I'm grateful to have someone here to hang out with. 

Dr. Lindt spends most of his time in London, looking at empty shops and whatnot for the branch he wants to open there. I'm secretly hoping he offers me a position there so I can move closer to Theo, but only time will tell. He's barely starting to make plans, so I think the opening won't be for another year.

Now that I've got my off

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