41. Pra-festival

"Felenia." Louisa waved her palm in front of Felen's face, but the human girl didn't react and still seemed lost in her frantic thoughts.

Not at her wits end, this time Louisa shook Felen's shoulder a little harshly until the girl finally snapped out of her daydream. "Ah, Louisa... ?" Felen blinked a few times. He looked at Louisa in a daze, still in a confused orientation of his surroundings.

"What did you daydream about until you didn't realize I called you many times?"

Felen was silent for a moment then replied with a tired sigh. " ... Many things." He rubbed his temples which were throbbing in pain. "Because of someone I have to think this hard," he complained again sighing softly. The silver-haired man's words gave Felen a headache. Although the man's words did not seem important because they were spoken casually in a casual tone, in fact upon closer inspection the sentence had a very deep and dangerous meaning.

Felen's gaze fell on the object in his

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