Amelia and the Dark Fae

Amelia and the Dark Fae

By:  MishaK  Completed
Language: English
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Amelia Hutchinson was always different. Her life was different. Xikoth, the King of Hell, a dark fae, was after her. She ran from him as far as possible, and he didn’t chase her initially… but now he couldn’t wait any longer. He regretted not claiming her sooner because now she had run away with his nemesis, Vargauz. He was going to get her back and that too in his Kingdom of Hell. And what happens when she is in his castle, in his bed, with him. He wants to be inside her and she is thinking of ways to break the bond. Do check my new novel - Alpha's Slave

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61 Chapters
Xikoth was going back to his chamber. He had just returned from a weeklong battle with Seraph, the King of Eighth realm of Xomor. He longed to see Amelia. It had been days and his possessiveness for her increased by the day. He had been watching her from far. She was so exquisite. Her skin was flawless, had delicate features and curves that were made to fit his hands. She was an angel and he was a… demon. He considered himself undeserved for her. Each night, he stroked himself hard. “Where’s Nyka?” he barked at his guards. The court’s concubine, Nyka, entered wearing nothing but a white silk cloth draped around her body. As soon as she entered, she dropped her cloth on the floor and walked naked to him. She crawled over him and pushed his chest back. “Your Highness,” her fingers brushed his chest. “I love to pleasure you and I am your pet. I will serve you in any way you want me to.” Her hand trailed down and his erection didn’t surprise her. He hissed and closed his eyes as her lips
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I Will Shred You Into Pieces
“The baby was locked in a wooden box and dropped in River Boltou an hour back,” Horme’s tone was nervous. “And there was another attack on the temple of Tesra. They haven’t found the elixir but we need to be cautious. This is the second attack.”His stomach churned as his breath accelerated and anxiety hit him. Only a few knew what that baby meant to him. Born only a month back the child had brought hope in his life, hope to live, hope to love. He was leaning against the edge of the table, reading scrolls – a formula for the elixirs he had been assigned to prepare when Horme relayed his news. Prince Vargauz of Uzgolith gripped the table hard. Slowly, he turned to him. 
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Waerham Castle (1)
Rest of the evening passed seeing a few more patients and Amelia drove back to her flat. All she wanted in her life was peace and a place where she would be away from her father and stepmother. For that she had enrolled herself in a medical school far from her hometown. But little did she know that for her post graduation, she had to come back to her town Nianaq, which was located beside River Boltou because this was the only hospital that accepted. She was pursuing PG in General Surgery and had joined the hospital only two months back. Sasha was her roommate, a nurse in making. She was her best friend, confidante, punch bag and like a mother hen when they were in the school together. 
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Waerham Castle (2)
Girls dressed as pixies with colored hair or wigs and silvery wings, men and women with painted blue skins in long cloaks, men looking like grim reapers, folks with long pointy ears, white hair, imitating elves, a boy in a peacock mask and golden diadem, laughing women wearing fox clothes, a man with long raven feather cloak, a gaggle of girls with beautiful flowers braided in their hair, men with feathers on their neck and some with large tattered wings. Amelia wasn’t surprised - she was stunned at the spectacle. She was not able to remove her eyes from them. She didn’t ev
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Waerham Castle (3)
“Don’t be crazy!” Sasha said. “You haven’t eaten much after you have come back from your shift.” She walked ahead of them to a long table that filled most of the corner. It was laden with rich food consisting of wines and delectable dishes that made her mouth water as the tendrils of steam wafted through her nose. Chicken, lamb, steaks, various breads, fish, carrots, peas… it was a lavish feast. 
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Unreasonable, Mystic
Vargauz stared into her eyes and she couldn’t resist staring back at him. The way he looked at her, it was as if he could see through her. He held her hands and danced with her for the next half an hour while maintaining every formal distance he could. Amelia swayed with him, entranced, entrapped and feeling stupid. Why did she feel that the air was thick with magic and smoke and unreasonable attraction? Her heart pounded in her ears. 
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Director’s Office
Amelia rushed to the balcony and gripped the railing tightly, heaving uncontrollably but trying to contain the sounds as best as she could. Moonlight trickled through the oak trees into the balcony providing her with much needed coolness. Her body was drenched in sweat. 
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Would You be My Boyfriend for a Day?
The man in front of her was Him! Her posture stiffened and she experienced a fluttery feeling in her stomach. What was he doing here? She gulped. Slowly, she walked to her chair and said, “Good afternoon,” while taking her seat. Vargauz turned his face towards her and a half smile played on his lips. She could swear that she saw a glimmer pass through his black eyes. As usual he was wearing black leather pants and shirts and a black long overcoat. Was this the only outfit he had in his closet? And what was it with his long overcoat? “Hello Amelia,” he repl
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Wh— Who Are You?
Amelia rushed away from there. She was aghast at what she blurted in front of him. She blamed it to her over-tensed mind after having a conversation with Lyrie. Not even once she had the guts to see him back. Her face was flushed scarlet and she shook her head at being so silly. Before entering the trauma ward, she leaned on its door, calmed her pounding heart and then walked in. Perhaps it was a better idea to take Sasha with her or Xavier. She shook her head. No, she had to fight it out. It wasn’t something she could shove on someone else. For how long would she use crutches? The afternoon passed without many patients and she had to steal five minutes to satiate her growling stomach. Her duty got over at 4PM. She signed out and headed to her apartment. It was almost 6PM when she
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It Wasn’t a Rocket Science to Find You
Lyrie’s stomach churned. The presence of this man was so intimidating that there was a thin line of sweat on her forehead. Blood drained from a face and for a moment Amelia thought that she was sick. What was it about Vargauz that made Lyrie so scared? Her face appeared to age and it seemed that she forgot to breathe. Was it that her plans were about to fail? Did she feel threaten that now she won’t be able to face Xicouth? Did that mean that now she wouldn’t pester her anymore? Was having a boyfriend such a big thing? If this was the case, Amelia had to take advantage of the situation. Shedding her inhibitions, she smiled at Vargauz and said huskily, “I am so
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