Chapter 10





chapter ten

Lesley Timms couldn’t believe the events of the past hour. 

He couldn’t believe the events since the bus really, but what had happened after the storage place—that was complete fucking insanity. That Strauss guy was supposed to be the one with all the brains, wasn’t he? Posh education and all that, while the rest of them had to rough it in ordinary schools... And they didn’t come any rougher than Gegley Comp, Timms’ old stomping ground. You learned how to stick up for yourself there or ended up with your head woven into the carpet. All those fucking colleges and universities obviously didn’t teach you any common sense, though, did they? Not as far as he could see—because Strauss had almost got them killed several times since those freaks out there started coming back to life. 

Not back to life. They weren’t dead—the Doc had been at great pains to emphasise that when Timms wouldn’t go near them. Wouldn’t help carry that boy
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