A rogue

Both men turned around to see Lucy who got a little nervous to see them suddenly throw their gazes at her.

While Dominic only continued to look at her curiously, Freyge’s face lit up as if a light bulb went off. Hastily, he ran across the table to the far corner of the rows of shelves and reached for a glass jar placed behind several other jars and vials. After retrieving the jar, Freyge looked at it happily and ran towards the beaker ignoring alpha Dominic's questioning stare.

He added just a twig of the wolfsbane roots from the jar and stood behind. For a moment, nothing happened and Freyge’s smile began to droop.

He turned around and spoke to Dominic, “I am sorry Alpha. I don’t think this would work. I-”

As he was speaking, there was a loud pop sound that made him turn around again to look at the beaker. He slowly approached the beaker and sure enough, the black gooey liquid had turned into a crystal clear liquid.


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