Chapter twenty three

"I think you have a visitor."

I feel all the hope banish inside me. She has moved on. I am too late. That is all I can think of as I stare dumbfounded at the green eyed stranger.

"Who is..."

Della stops mid sentence as soon as she notices me. She doesn't seem surprised or angry to see me. Her face masks with a hard nonchalant stare as she takes in my presence on her doorstep.

"I am sorry if..."

"You were leaving Henry, weren't you?" Della interrupts in a clipped tone. Green eyes frowns before he splutters. I guess he has a name and it is Henry.

"Yes. I mean if..."

"Just go." she mouthes.

Green eyes' or rather Henry's frown deepens but he excuses himself nonetheless.

"Call me if you change your mind." he winks.

"I will."

I can't believe she is considering his offer. Ain't no way I am leaving her doorstep without changing her mind. I am not letting another man touch my Della.

My Della.

When Henry is out of sight, I turn back to find Della's glare.

"Don't tell me you fucked him Della.
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