A life is saved

Trent was tearing through the maze of dark wolves, his heart pounded so loudly it was all he could hear through the rain and screams. A wolf was suddenly whirling towards him.  He positioned himself to take on him when the wolf was suddenly sliced in half and thrown aside.

“Serena!” Her name sounded as if it came from a distance, even though it had been directed from his lips. He watched as her body flew through the air, her top wet with rain and blood.

“Thanks !” He said.

She nodded, "where is Ruben?” She asked.

His brain finally connected with what was happening.

“I… I am not sure,” he replied, still in awe. Serena had saved his life!

“Ruben, where are you !” She almost wept with relief as Ruben's alert mental voice answered her. 

Her mate knew instantly that something was wrong and didn't stop to
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Vannesa Crotzer
Is there an update schedule? Can’t wait for more chapters!

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