The Alpha's Slave Mate

The Alpha's Slave Mate

By:  Danielle Bush  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daphne is used to being hated. She has been hated since birth. Considered a slave, lower than an Omega her life is miserable. Her parents are the Alpha and the Luna of her pack, but they hate her more than anyone else. She dreams of escaping her life, but sees no end to the abuse. She has never dreamed of finding a mate, knowing that no one will ever really love or want her. So why does Alpha Caleb stand up for her?Caleb is one of the strongest Alphas of his time. His pack is known for their fearlessness, and strength. He has never wavered in his decisions. So why does he feel such a pull towards a slave? After saving her life Caleb can't get her scent off his mind. Could the Moon Goddess have really mated him with a slave?

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Daphne is a poor girl who is hated by members of her pack since she is born. Although her parents are the Alpha and Luna of her pack, they hate her because she is an Omega. Her parents don’t love her and protect her, they let her become a slave serving the whole pack forever. Besides that, she needs to bear the bullying by others. She doesn’t have other opinions but to escape such a tough life. While Alpha Caleb should stand for her and often approach her. As the Alpha of one of the strongest packs, Will Caleb be Daphne’s mate? Online Read The Alpha's Slave Mate.

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Ashley Citherlet Evans
Amazing book but please finish it. Please!!!!
2024-06-22 07:45:12
user avatar
Staci Quinn
plz finish this book it's an amazing story please don't drop it
2024-03-26 20:57:36
user avatar
This is the first book I've ever read, since signing up to Good Novel and I'm still waiting for book to finish ( after 2yrs I'm still waiting ) hopefully author is ok
2024-02-20 10:45:31
user avatar
Please please please… finish this book. I absolutely love this book and it’s characters. Please don’t leave us hanging like this, it’s been so long since it was updated… please finish it.
2023-10-07 01:40:22
default avatar
Dear Danielle, I have really enjoyed reading this book so far; but I must admit that I’m currently stumpted about where the book has been paused at. Maybe, if possible, please resume writing chapters then I would feel more satisfied if there was at least some type of closure to the story. Thanks!
2023-03-21 22:32:44
user avatar
Danielle are you going to finish this book? I understand you had a family emergency but months ago you posted you would finally start writing again but there have been no updates. If your not please tell us so we can stop looking for updates and remove it from our reading list!
2022-12-02 08:30:01
default avatar
love the book so far it has had me captivated since I first started reading it.
2022-09-14 15:43:23
default avatar
Ms Agnes
I purchased this when Book 1 was completed. Waited for book 2 to complete before start reading it as i hate being left hanging… it’s sad as this is a really good story… i hope the author is alright as updates were really good before it suddenly stopped.
2022-09-11 08:06:29
user avatar
jade gage
update would be nice
2022-09-01 09:11:34
user avatar
Denette Gibson
It's been a long time for a update people going to forget what they read.
2022-08-12 23:53:06
user avatar
Claire Michelle Herbert
just reading comments and not happy.i hardly ever spend money on the books. I thought I would treat myself this month and clothes book as was really enjoying and seems that it has been left unfinished for a long time. I hope that it is going to stay unfinished.!
2022-08-05 01:01:49
default avatar
Yesenia Mir
Such a shame that this great book was left unfinished right when we were going to find out all the answers ... left everyone wondering ... really hope the author decided to finish it
2022-07-11 05:45:23
user avatar
Great story.. thus far, BUT unfortunately I can’t recommend NE1 start this books, GN mite not see issue recommending & charging $$ but seems author has abandoned book as not seen update in MONTHS & MONTHS! Would be awesome if you could let us know. Hang in or move on. & if latter.. then refund us!!!
2022-05-11 09:08:06
default avatar
Judy Farmer
What happened? It just stops.
2022-04-29 23:10:35
user avatar
Darcyfarrow Ramos
Been waiting for this book to be finish before I'll read it..
2022-04-11 10:25:31
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94 Chapters
It was a full moon the night I was born. My mother Amanda was the Luna of the Silver Moon pack. She is a proud and beautiful warrior, a strong mate to my father the Alpha. My mother had already blessed him with a daughter 10 years prior to this birth, my sister Scarlett.Scarlett had the beauty that my mother possessed. Bright red hair, green eyes brighter than the most polished emerald. She was already tall for a ten year old, and showed a great intelligence in school, as well as on the training field. She was both beautiful and intelligent which are both traits revered in the werewolf community.Even though my father already had a star child he was excited for my mother to give birth again. This time she was pregnant with twins. Twins are a rarity in the werewolf world, simply because werewolves have larger babies. I have heard all the stories about how he fawned over my mother her entire pregnancy.
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Chapter One
I woke up before the sun could even rise. Today was my eighteenth birthday. In a normal child’s life this would be a day that is celebrated; but, not for me. Today would be no different than yesterday or the day before.I rolled off the makeshift mattress I set up in my room and go wash my face in the sink. I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror and I see that the bruises on my neck are fading. The cut on my head has already healed. For a moment I allow myself to have a small pity party. Although I do not believe that I am horrible looking, I am definitely not the beauty that my sister is known to be. I am not as tall as other girls my age and I although I am constantly called fat the truth is I am rather gaunt looking.  I look at my mousey brown hair hating every strand of it. I look at my almond shaped hazel eyes and wish they were green like my sisters. After washing up I throw on a
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Chapter Two
My wolf was less joyed about the return trip home. She knew what was about to happen. She knew that we had to keep our head down and take the slaps and name calling. One more day to us. One more day wishing we were anywhere else but here. We both knew that today would be one of the worst days though. Today was a reminder to my entire pack, but especially to my parents, that I was alive and my brother was not.  I entered the pack house through the back door, making sure that I made as little noise as possible. As long as the pack members were asleep, I was safe. I turned on the two big coffee makers we had in the kitchen and started to get out the skillets I would need to make up the pack breakfast.Most pack members have their own homes. The members that live here in the pack house are the Alpha, the Luna, the Beta and his mate, a few of our strongest warriors, and a few
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Chapter Three
I do not mind cleaning. Usually I can stay out of the way of pack members, and since I clean everyday there is not much that needs done. Our pack house has ten guest rooms that are currently empty. I start by opening all the windows to air out the unused rooms. I love breathing in the crisp mountain air that comes in. Changing out the linens is a quick process since every room has its own closet with fresh sheets in them. The Luna takes great pride in the fact that the pack house is color coordinated. Every room that houses pack members or guest is decorated in its own color scheme.My favorite room is to the south of the pack house. Its color scheme is a natural light green. I love being able to look out the windows and see the forest tops. Simply being in the room brings a peace to my soul. I take a little longer in that room, changing the linens, and putting fresh towels in the attached washroom. As I am finishing up, I can hear Melissa&
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Chapter Four
Caleb’s Point of ViewBeing an Alpha means that I must do things on occasion that I do not want to do, the Mabon Ball is one of those things. I hate being surrounded by people, all of them trying to kiss up to the Alpha. I have a strong dislike for fake people. I would much rather be running through the woods, patrolling my borders, or training with my warriors. Unfortunately, politics demand that I attend this function. I have been the Alpha of my pack since I was fourteen years old. My father and mother the previous Alpha and Luna were murdered by rogues. I was one of the youngest Alphas and because of that I pushed myself to be the best. I can say with pride that my pack is one of the largest packs in the north west. We are also one of the strongest packs. I train my warriors without
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Chapter Five
Caleb’s Point of ViewI hated waking up in a strange bed. I hated even more that my normal routine could not be kept. Par usual I wake up before almost everyone else. I quickly throw on some sweatpants, not even bothering with a shirt. These rare hours that I have to myself I use them to spoil myself. The rest of my days are filled with meetings, trainings, and other pack business. With the tension in my shoulders I know that I need to let my wolf out on a run so that I am calmer tonight for the festivities. I know that my pack is hoping that I find my mate tonight. Truth be told I am a little anxious to find her as well.I quickly make my way out of the pack house, and instantly my body starts to loosen up. I head to the south and find myself looking up at the window of the room I slept in last night. The Silver Moon pack has been very generous since we arrived, and I am thankful that Theo is great with polit
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Chapter Six
Daphne’s Point of ViewAfter the altercation with Heather I had cleaned up the dining room. I carefully avoided all contact with not only my pack, but the visiting pack members as well. As soon as I had the dining room cleaned up, I washed up the dishes and retreated to my room. Everyone else was busy worrying about the visiting pack. I just wanted to disappear.The next morning my throat was still sore and a little scratchy from where Heather had choked me. Checking the mirror, I can see that the bruises were already fading from sight. Since I love to shift every morning and go for a run my healing abilities are pretty good. Being a werewolf means that we heal relatively quickly, but if you do not regularly shift your healing abilities can be hindered.Heading out the back door I was extra careful to be quiet this morning. Since we are rarely visited by other packs I do not know if th
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Chapter Seven
Caleb’s Point of ViewI take my time returning to my clothes. My mind keeps returning to the wolf girl I seen at the river. I know every wolf in my pack, including the pups. She did not belong to my pack, and she is not a rogue so she must belong to the Silver Moon pack. I am smiling as I shift back into my human form and throw my sweatpants and shoes back on. I can not wait to speak to Theo.Bounding back up to the second floor of the manor I am glad that me and Theo are roomed right next to each other. I do not even knock on his door; I just burst in and find that he is in the adjoining shower. I am pacing back and forth in his room trying to be patient as he finishes. For a moment I considered mind linking him and telling him to hurry up. Even my wolf is anxious to share the encounter with the beautiful wolf girl in the woods.  Finally, I hear the shower turn off
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Chapter Eight
Daphne’s Point of ViewI was nervous throughout most of the morning, scared that my secret about shifting would be exposed. I calmed down throughout the day though as it continued to be basically normal. Breakfast was bigger than usual because of the visiting pack. The Alpha decided that I was too clumsy to serve out our guests, so he ordered some of the Omegas of our pack to serve out the meal. I was sent over to the hall to ensure that it was clean for the decorations to be set up and the caters to arrive. I hated being dismissed before breakfast was over because now, I could not eat any of the left-over food. Oh well I thought it is not the first time I have gone without food.As I was walking to the meeting hall, I noticed that the pack was out and about. Clearly everyone was excited about the ball tonight. I watched mothers taking their daughters to get their hair done and I felt the familiar ache of wish
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Chapter Nine
Caleb’s Point of ViewCuriosity was getting the better of me, I needed to know who that wolf girl was that I seen this morning. I simply could not get her off my mind. Theo tried to distract me by going over next weeks training schedule, but my heart and mind were not in it. Finally, he gave up and asked me if I wanted to walk around this pack’s territory. I readily agreed, which lead him to teasing me about possibly running into a certain girl.Simply being outside relaxed my muscles and put a smile on my face. Looking around I noticed that the Silver Moon pack had done a great job in the way they had structured their buildings. The Manor House was center but towards the back giving the inhabitants a great view of the woods. Their meeting hall was off to the left, with an array of small shops surrounding it. The pack members houses were spread along the north side of the town, and beyond those were the
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