Chapter 1747 Someone's Order

The last glimmer of hope surged in Elder Lin's eyes.

Caspian pointed at her without hesitation. "You!"

Elder Lin's body trembled. She felt a strong force entering her brain, and then her head swelled rapidly.


A stream of blood, mixed with brains and minced flesh and bones, spurted out at a height of three floors.

The dense spiritual Qi dispersed in all directions.

Elder Lin staggered forward two steps and fell to the ground with a bang.

In a moment, only Caspian was still standing in the open space outside council chamber.

This area was full of a strong smell of blood, which made people take a breath as if they were soaked in blood pond.

There were also rolling spiritual Qis scattered from the bodies of these cultivators.

Caspian glanced at the headless bodies and glanced at Elder Lin. He said lightly, "Do you deserve to bargain with me?"

After collecting the storage magic weapons of these cultivators, Caspian crossed the corpses and went straight to the treasury of Ca
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