Chapter 23

It was the early hours of the morning when they finally made it home. Katie raised her nose, sniffing the air to see if he was there. Devlin—the only thing on her mind for the past couple of hours.

They shifted back into their human forms to walk the last few meters toward the front door. 

The inhabitants barely stirred as Theon twisted the key in the lock and banged the door into the wall. Katie followed as he yanked the princess by her hair and threw her into the living room. She fell into the sleeping pack, all curled up and snoring in a neat pile between the two sofas.

Scanning the group, she saw Devlin's hair and had to fight back the jealousy as she recognised the lap his head was nestled into. Her best friend in the world.  

'Quit being a paranoid freak,' she told herself, running a shaky hand through her hair. They had probably shifted and moved while sleeping. T

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