"M-Mr. Montevardo, can you Ms. Zamora?" hesitantly and apprehensively said by the photographer.

"Mrs.," Valjerome whispered emphatically and did the other way around.

He pulled me closer to his body. I unconsciously sighed for him to look at me.

"Val, this is a triple shoot. Our pose for this is I should be in between you and Chaos, not only by your side," I simply murmured.

I felt Valjerome's grip tightened on my hip. He slightly bent over to my ear to whisper.

"I will kill him before he touches you," he grinned.

I shrove unbelievably. I don’t know if I should be afraid of what he does or rejoice to the attention he is giving me. And because I’m totally stupid, I prefer to do the second.

Maybe it's not wrong to expect, right?

"This shoot won't end, Val. Only just for now.

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