"A gift for your wife?" Jaime, one of my trusted men, casually spoke while driving the car.

I nodded sparingly and stared again at the necklace I was holding. "For our wedding anniversary," I said lowly and forced a smile.

And she'll never know...

"You will confess?" he asked again.

I chuckled emptily and put back the infinity necklace on its box. “You know I can’t do that right now,” I claimed.

He stopped talking and focused on driving. I looked outside the car window and smiled sadly.

A day from now, it's already our third year anniversary, my wife.

IT'S almost 12 midnight when we reached my parents' party. I automatically snaked my arms around her, marking my wife at everyone's eyes as we took our way in.


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Dr Megha
chaos deserves much better ending then dying. the book was amazing except for the end. why did chaos's sister commented suicide was not revealed. and making him due was not a good decision. disappointed with d ending.
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Lovely Hom
Chaos deserves better ......
goodnovel comment avatar
Now this is what I like..the story ends where it should and does not create other chapters that keeps us in suspense all the time and ending up boring the readers...i had to quit reading some books because of that..but this book is excellent...I just love it.
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