Chapter 3- A clown

Alex, let's play some games now"Bryce said as he slumped down on the couch in front of the TV and stretched the hand that was holding a remote to Alex.

"I don't want to" Alex shrugged, lied face down on the bed with his face buried in the pillow and ignored Bryce's stretched hand. Bryce, who was surprised at his friend's reaction, rose up on his feet and gestured towards him.

"What's the matter, Alex? I don't want to play alone."He said while still on his feet. He was trying hard to figure out what the hell had made his friend reject a video game of all things.

"I'm fine. I need some sleep, that's all. Call someone else, ”Alex said with his face still buried in the pillow. Bryce smirked and bit his lower lip before bouncing on Alex on the bed and threw two friendly punches on his back.

Alex groaned and tossed left and right before lying face up and said:"I'm sorry."Common Bryce, you are so annoying." 

"Tell me why you've been moody since the morning after the coffee fight. Is it about the girls? Bryce asked and Alex shook his head in disagreement.

"So what is it? Tell me now or else, I will beat you to a pulp."Bryce said with a grin and Alex smirked and said "Really? Should we try? If you lose, you own me a sumptuous treat." 

"And if you lose, you tell me the truth. The damn truth."Bryce added his own condition and within some seconds, they were standing on their feet in a ready position of two fighters on a stage.

Just like a flash, Alex landed one heavy punch on Bryce's left shoulder which weakened his left arm, and he barely dudged the second punch which was aiming at his face.

"Alex! Bryce called out suddenly and got Alex distracted. Bryce used this opportunity to land three heavy punches on Alex in one quick move; One on his upper shoulder, the second on his chest and the last was an uppercut which sent Alex falling straight back on the bed and started panting heavily.

Bryce bounced on him on the bed and continued punching him hard on the face non stop, waiting for him to give up.

"Y...y... You won, Bryce! Stop punching me!" Alex screamed and Bryce finally stopped punching him.

"You will tell me the truth?" Bryce asked while still breathing heavily.

"Of course, I will" Alex promised as he was trying hard to catch his breath back.

"That doll called me a clown. Is she right about that or is something wrong with her eyes?" Alex said truthfully. The reason why he had been moody since morning was because he hadn't in his entire life come across someone as annoying as the girl he had met earlier, and despite the fact that he always held himself high, the girl had managed to trample upon his face.

"She must be blind, together with her friends. Take it off your mind Alex. They are a bunch of hoes, aren't they?" Bryce cursed and Alex frowned at him.

"You're crazy." Alex said, gave Bryce a friendly slap on the hand while Bryce cringed and scoffed.

"She was just fumbling earlier with that  silly friend. Calling me...whatever" Bryce said discardedly, rose up from the bed, moved straight to the mirror, unbottoned his shirt slowly, and started admiring his six abs before running his long fingers down his hair slowly. He was trying to brush the matter off quickly and focused on his breathtaking physic.

"Alex, come over here. Let's feel ourselves. We will go and chill after this,” Bryce called. Alex unhesitatingly stood up, walked straight to the mirror, stood next to Bryce, slowly unbottoned his shirt and examined his firm six abs.

"These guys are fucking hot." Bryce added with a devastating smile and Alex chuckled.


Later that night, Alex could be seen with his friends at the clumsy motel bar all holding a wineglass each and chit-chatting happily.

Some minutes later his phone began to buzz inside his pocket, and he slid his hand inside his pant pocket and brought out his phone. His eyes bugged out when he saw that the call was from his mum, and he quietly excused himself, strolled off to a less crowded area of the bar to pick the call.

"Alex, how are you? You have to be on your way home early tomorrow morning in order to get ready for the meeting"

"Mum I'm..."

"Don't let me repeat myself, Alex." she interrupted her son,"The meeting is in a few days. You have to be home and take some lectures.

The limousine will pick you up at the airport. Stay safe,” his mother said and hung up the call immediately.

Alex's face squeezed, and he clenched his fist forcefully for about ten seconds. He sighed deeply and went back to his normal self.

The reason why he was displeased at the sudden call he had received from his mum was because he knew fully well what the meeting was all about, and that was the reason why he was extending his stay at this motel here in Tijuana, Mexico, which was some hours away, back to San Francisco.

He dressed himself, joined his friends and stylishly informed Bryce about the new update.

Bryce was disheartening and not pleased with the way their vacation was about to be brought to an end. Since he knew that he had no other option than to go along with Alex.

Inside their room later that night, Alex and Bryce got their bags packed and early in the morning the next day, they were calmly seated inside the first class apartment of a plane heading straight to California.


On the other side of the first class apartment of the plane were Kayla Davis and Carina Lopez. Kayla was deeply in thought. She was in total disagreement with the engagement stuff, which was the main reason why her parents had called her home. They wanted her to get prepared for the meeting, and Carina, on the other hand, had no choice than to follow her best friend back to California.

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