Chapter six





I entered the bathroom of the private room, there were still about forty five minutes left before our flight. 

I was feeling anxious, I wondered if father had requested my presence and found out about my disappearance, My marriage to Lucian Castiel wasn't until this evening, I couldn't think about their reaction when they finally realized I had fled away, by then I would already be out of the country, where it would be difficult to locate me. 

My eyes caught in the bathroom mirror, I almost couldn't recognize the girl that stared back at me. My once long blond hair was now dyed black, it had been cut short, falling below my chin,  I've always adored my hair, but if I would be easily get spotted because of it, it was better to keep it short and dyed. 

I started to take off my clothes when Derek entered, I flushed brightly when his gaze lingered on my chest, I had only a pair of bra, covering my b
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