Chapter seven




I remained where I stood, there was no way I would ever go to him, not if I have a choice. 

My unwillingness seemed to further infuriate him. He took another intimidating step towards us, his frosty metallic grey eyes never moving an inch away from mine. 

It happened so fast, Derek pulled out the pistol I didn't know he had been holding, focusing straight at Lucian's forehead.

"And I say you should back off, tell them all to leave or I will shoot! "

He shifted his gaze towards the five of Lucian Castiel's men that had their weapons drawn out towards us.

The tension in the air was thick, a butter knife would easily tear through it, my heart was jamming hard against my ribcage.

It was six against one.

I was scared for Derek as well as myself. It could easily end up badly for us. 

"Tell them to leave! Or I'll really blow out your brains! " Derek spoke again, a
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