Chapter V- Chocolate

While waiting for the time when Miya will start to approach him, Lorence remains the same popular playboy as he was original. Having different girlfriends every time, changing them as if he's changing his clothes. At first, Lorence was a little awkward with everything and realized that his life back then really sucks. He's a total madman doing all sorts of things but when he thinks about it, If he can't change the past, and if he must live again doing the same thing he might as well enjoy everything since nothing will change. From then on he goes on being really a playboy, when he started doing all those things again he felt the same excitement that he felt in the past.

"Hey Lorence, you already change your girl. I remember that I saw you with Mich of the literature department this morning how come you have another girl with your side now?" Luke ask

"You've been friends with him for a long time and now you're still wondering how. Just look at Lorence, his face, height, everything about him is perfect. He's also rich and intelligent, he has everything that every girl is looking for. That's why many girls were fighting for a chance to date him even if it only takes a few minutes." Frank said he's Lorence's best friend.

"He has everything that's why it's alright to play around every girl." Luke smirk.

"My dear Luke, it's not my fault if every girl is dying to date me, it's not like I'm forcing them to date me. It's their own choice to beg me to date them, I only grant them their wish. I'm just being compassionate here." Lorence said while laughing showing undying confidence.

"Fine, fine whatever, no matter what I'll say you'll never stop being a playboy like this but remember to be careful what if you encounter the one who's really for you and you just let her go. Don't come back here crying because you lose her." Luke said.

Luke's words made him think about things carefully, every word made him think about Miya. What if he really did something that made Miya decide to leave him. Is it because of him being a playboy? But no that's not the case since Miya knew how he is before they started dating and if he remembers it clearly he stop being a playboy when they got together so it's not the case.


Time passed by so quickly now it's already February and Valentine's day, if he remembers clearly now is the time when Miya will ask him for a date.

"I made this chocolate, I wonder if he'll accept it. I'm sure he'll receive lots of gifts but still, I can try my best." Miya thought to herself.

Right now she's waiting at the back exit, she knew that Lorence like taking this way when going home so she decided to wait for him.

It's been 30 minutes since their classes ended and she's been waiting for him for 30 minutes.

After a few more minutes of waiting, she heard voices and one of them is Lorence's voice.

Miya suddenly felt nervous and excited at the same time and before she knew it, Lorence and his friends had already walked past her.

"Lo... Lorence!!!" Miya stuttered

Lorence looks back with his friends. "Well, what do we have here? Isn't it Miya from our class, I didn't know you're also interested to Lorence." Frank said teasingly.

"I... I just wanted to give this to you. I know that you already received many gifts but please accept this. I made it myself."

Lorence is nervous deep inside but he already knows what will happen and with the same exact words, he repeats every word he said in the past.

Lorence smiled sweetly "Thanks for the effort, I'll enjoy it." With that Lorence accept the chocolates and left with his friends.

Miya is so happy that she can't contain herself and begin to stamp her feet and scream internally. Her smile is from ear to ear.

Meanwhile, when Lorence and his friends walk far away he turns around and hands over them the chocolates he received from Miya.

"What's this? It's yours, why give it to us?" Luke said

"Well that's yours now, I'm not fond of them," Lorence said without a care.

"Well if you say so, don't regret it if it's delicious and you didn't even get to taste it." Luke reply.

"Don't worry Luke, Lorence doesn't care about things like that. How can that homemade chocolate compare with those branded chocolates at the mall? If Lorence craves one he can just buy them easily or he can just ask that Miya for another one, I'm sure the girl will make it immediately." Frank said not even caring for Miya's effort.

The truth is deep inside Lorence's decision back then, he shouldn't have given them the chocolates, he should have eaten them himself and appreciated her efforts. Now he realized how foolish he was, how can those branded chocolates compare with the one made by Miya, her chocolate is surely made with love, no amount of money can equal her efforts and hard work. Why didn't he think about it before, he only thinks about himself but what can he do now? He can't change what already happened in the past even though he greatly regrets it he can't use his 3 precious chances for trivial matters like this. There will be a lot more opportunities if he can change their future. If he can be with Miya in the future, he can ask her to make another one for him.

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