One Hundred-Seven

I wake wrapped in two strong arms. I struggle as he tightens his grip and rubs himself up against me. Lorelei and Zelda are both growling low, wanting his hands off of us. He moves one hand to my throat as I whisper,

"You said you wouldn't touch me?"

"And I didn't until after the moon had left its highest peak, making it a new day..."


He tightens his hold around my neck at my outburst, making it hard to breathe. He then rubs himself harder and faster against me. It doesn't take him long to growl out behind me as I feel something warm and wet on my lower back. He then kisses the back of my neck, lets me go and rolls out of the bed, pulling on his pants and shirt from last night and then leaving the room. He calls from the door,

"I will be back tonight. I expect you to be in a dress once again and yes, I will keep my hands to myself once more..."

He then leaves, closing the door behind him. I get up and get rid of my nightdress and get back into the shower to get rid
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