Chapter 50 - Collin

So other than the whole Brant situation, the dance was a good time. Zach’s the only miserable one, and I owe that guy two dozen vegan donuts from Dunkin. Mostly their banana pudding, pb&j, and the pistachio raspberry.

The dude would live on those three flavor donuts if he didn’t know he’d have to work twice as hard to keep in shape. I don’t know. Personally, I’m not a big donut guy. To each their own.

Speaking of each their own, I’m shocked Amy agreed to come with James. I knew that James asking how I snagged his sister was sus. I just didn’t think he’d have set his sights on Amy, a girl he helped torment about her weight.

He better not screw it up. Amy’s a sweet girl, and I know his sister would kick his ass all over the city if he messes with Amy. And how close the girls are, if our girls get pissed at James, we guys will have to beat his ass. Not an outcome he wants, especially with Isaiah and Lucas.

But he was good the whole dance. When I managed to take my eyes off Cassidy, I

I can't believe it! We reached THE END of the standard chapters! Two epilogues to follow!

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Michelle Melia
I hope the Epilogues are reeeaaalllyyy long
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Oh, no!!! I don't want their story to end. I love these two together. Collin is such a sweet guy & he's perfect for Cassidy. Cassidy is just as feisty & smart like his mom. Great job on their sstory! <3<3<3
goodnovel comment avatar
I love collin ... I would love to keep reading their story you did an amazing job & I can't wait for the epilogues

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