Chapter 48 - Collin

It would be an understatement to say my mom was livid about me getting detention, especially for being tardy to Trigonometry class. She ripped me a verbal new one on the phone when the office called her to advise I would be staying after for detention. She had Mrs. Clark put me on the phone to give me a lecture.

Despite that, I drove myself to school my mom was waiting for me after detention ended. Cassidy’s moms were waiting as well. Unlike mine, they didn't look pissed.

When your daughter is Cassidy and is known for protests and stirring up trouble, her getting detention is almost expected. But I’ve never had detention before. I’m smart enough to know which teachers will let a tardy slide and which won’t.

Mrs. Graham is one of those that doesn’t make exceptions. No official tardy note from a teacher or school administrator, and she gives you detention. At least the bitch is consistent.

I watched Cassidy leave with her moms before daring to approach mine with my head down. I knew

We are getting close to the final chapters. Not sure how Mrs. Cole plans to handle Brant, but I can't wait to see.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh, I'm feeling a little melancholy. I love their story!
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Ooh! Senator Jones, you’re in for a shit storm created by your very own stupid ass son Brant Jones!! It’s about to be his own little hell!! I truly hope he can use that recording!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Hehe. I'm pretty sure, based on my outline

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