Chapter 93


Alpha Antoine’s and my troops appeared, sprinting to congregate. Suddenly darts began raining on us. They were fighting dirty. It was also completely reckless. Part of the reason werewolves didn’t use weapons was the risk for friendly fire was too high. Unless you were close enough to someone to smell the pack they were from, it was close to impossible to differentiate between friend and enemy, with the coloring of a wolf’s fur almost never being indicative of the pack they were from. Before I could fully process the situation, sharp flashes of pain pulsed through my body, one after another. My pack members were falling. Fucking cowards couldn’t even fight us the right way. I took the lead, and several darts hit my body. Luckily, I had spent years building a tolerance and was fine.

We all moved forward, and finally the cowards showed themselves, running toward us. They must have run out of darts. We all bolted toward them, attacking as we could. I quickly plunged my claws into
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