Fated to the Lycan King

Fated to the Lycan King

By:  Taylor West  Completed
Language: English
35 ratings
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Lilah Winters has been on the run for the last seven years. Moving from pack to pack, and hotel to hotel. Lilah’s mother had been trying her hardest to keep her only child safe. Using any method she could to stay one step ahead of the man from her daughter's nightmares. Just days before her eighteenth, Lilah and her mother are in a car accident, throwing Lilah directly into the path of the very man she was trying to escape. Injured and barely conscious, Lilah has no choice but to accept his help. But that doesn’t mean that she is going to make it easy for him.

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What's the title for book 2? already started?
2024-05-19 09:11:28
user avatar
I like the story just I hope the female lead gets some commonsense inside her head geez she is such a pain in the ...
2024-05-13 12:06:55
user avatar
Great book. I am hooked from the first chapter...I knew something is different here
2024-04-24 23:51:51
user avatar
Very good story and plot, some grammatical errors but not enough to put you off the book. Chapters were a nice length and the storyline is none stop action of events I just had to finish. Very different from other books, great job Author!!
2024-03-08 10:30:48
user avatar
Andrea W
I really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading the next one.
2023-12-27 21:58:41
default avatar
Olivia J Miranda
This was a great book. I was wondering if the second one is out yet?
2023-09-22 14:06:29
default avatar
Is there any cheating or other women drama in this book? And is there a happily ever after?
2023-08-02 18:45:48
user avatar
Ro Sanna
Great read
2023-07-02 13:23:22
user avatar
1st people need to stop correcting British English spellings. lol The only issue I had with this book is that it was a bit of whiplash on some plot points. I greatly enjoyed the story. I could definitely tell this was written and posted chapter by chapter versus being written as a whole and post
2023-05-24 07:50:42
default avatar
Nikki Vega
Fantastic book
2023-05-20 20:45:59
user avatar
miranda aycock
I love this book
2023-05-14 22:49:20
user avatar
Akisi Naucukidi
I really love this book but I am broke , so I'm always waiting everyday for a new chapter.
2023-05-04 09:42:46
default avatar
Hilarie Andaya
Happy birthday
2023-04-30 08:03:17
default avatar
Such a good book can’t put it down! Can’t wait for more updates
2023-04-24 16:39:57
user avatar
Mkwakwi Noluyolo
love the book i can't take my eyes of it...
2023-04-23 03:16:22
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141 Chapters
“Hand her over.” The new Alpha was growling at my dad as I hid behind my mum. I could just about make out the brilliant blue of his eyes. When they flash at me, I hide my face.“Alpha, she is only ten years old.” I hear my dad growl back, standing his ground.“She needs protection.”“You are not having her.” My father was the old Alpha’s Beta. He had planted himself between the new Alpha, my mum and I. “She is just a child.”“I am well aware of that. I hate it as much as you do, but you can’t protect her any longer. I can keep her safe until she is an adult.” His deep voice echoed around me, but I wasn’t afraid. There was something about him that called to me. A tug in my heart maybe, an overwhelming sense that I knew I was made for him.“Then just reject her.”“You know it doesn’t work like that. Not anymore. I will wait until she is old enough. I will ensure she is healthy and cared for, but you have to hand her over.”For a moment, everything around me was no longer important. I tr
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Alpha Colt’s POVI knew I had been close to finding her. I just didn’t realise how close when I called out to her. She would be eighteen anytime now and I tried to reach out to her through mindlink. I had felt her as we pulled up to the junction.My Beta Linc slams on the brakes, narrowly missing a swerving car. From nowhere a truck slams into the same car with a force that no one would survive. The moment the truck hit the car. I knew Lilah was in there. I felt how scared she was, the fear, the pain. My heart thudded in my chest as I watched her body fly through the windscreen. Her limp body sliding across the tarmac.For a moment I am speechless. Almost eight years I had been tracking them down. Searching the world for my mate. And just like that, she was right in front of me. Unmoving and with blood pooling around her.“Is that…?” Linc trails off. He knew we had been close. He had been helping me hunt her down anytime he could.I don’t say anything. I had waited for this moment for
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Lilah’s POVThe accident replays over and over in my head. How the pull on my heart had strengthened moments before. Was he already watching me? He must have been close enough to have called to me. Could he have had something to do with the crash? Was he responsible for my mum's death?The doctor pulls back the curtain and smiles at me.“How are you feeling today?” She was always so damn chirpy!“Like I was hit by a truck” I snap sarcastically.“Okay. I just need to do some checks if you don’t mind?”“Do I have a choice?” I looked at my wrist which had been handcuffed to the bed. I wouldn’t be going anywhere unless Alpha Colt had a say in it.She lets out a giggle and clips her blonde hair back. Were they all this stupid? Is this what pack life did to them?My mum had always been desperate for a pack to protect us. She thought it was our only option. Yet I was always secretly grateful when we were kicked out. I hated pack life, hated being told what to do by one person. Hated everyone
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Lilah’s POV “Help!” I whimpered, as my legs began to spasm. The hospital was dark, no one seemed to be around. My legs were in agony, a fire raging through them. I couldn’t help but scream out in pain. The doctor comes running in. The hospital lighting up as the doctor tries to pump meds into me. But nothing helped. Nothing stopped the burn. “What’s going on?” Alpha Colt practically shoves a doctor out the way to look at me. “They are trying to reset.” I hear the doctor call out “Why now?” Alpha Colt yells back over the top of my screams. “It’s past midnight.” The doctor yells back. I was officially eighteen and my body was making me suffer. Instead of shifting, my wolf abilities had kicked in and my body was trying to heal. My bones were snapping and resetting correctly. “Then help her!” He demands. “We can’t, this is her wolf trying to correct everything.” “Make it stop!” I beg through the tears. This was worse than the car accident. At least I hadn’t felt the pain, just sh
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Lilah’s POVI was mortified. My body had reacted against my wishes, crumbling under his touch. The tighter he held me, the more I craved him. I couldn’t stop it. Waves of desire rippled through my body. It was why I started kicking and screaming. I had to hide what my body was doing. I didn’t want him to know how much I hated it and enjoyed it.Alpha Colt ends up dropping me on the floor of the shower. My clothes were soaked from the water. Clinging to my body, no longer hiding how my bones stuck out. He doesn’t care. How could he? He was heartless. He throws a bottle of shower gel at me.Giant tears roll down my cheeks. I quickly wipe them away. Alpha Colt turns his back on me, shaking his head and walks out of the ensuite.I didn’t care if he could see me through the open door. I didn’t care that he was watching me. This man had ruined my life, he had taken everything from me.Hugging my knees to my chest as the water trickled over me. I no longer fight the tears and let them flow.
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Alpha Colt’s POV Opening the door, I find the bedroom empty, the windows wide open. The curtains blowing in the wind. “Fucking moron!” I curse myself. I hadn’t handcuffed her again, believing that she was locked safely in the bedroom. It hadn’t occurred to me that the windows might not be locked. Leaning out of the window, I pick up her citrus scent. She was alone, no one had helped her. Though I was impressed that she had landed without hurting herself. Lilah wasn’t exactly in the healthiest condition and it wasn’t a small drop to the ground either. I call out to her through mindlink, just as I see a foot disappear into the forest. She doesn’t respond. I was both annoyed and surprised that she was already trying to escape. I thought she would have at least waited until she felt better. “Stupid fucking girl!” I mutter. Storming through the packhouse, I bump into Alpha Wyatt. For once, Juniper wasn’t hanging off his arm. “Is something wrong?” “Lilah has taken off!” “Oh! You’re
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Lilah’s POVHis knock comes at the bedroom door. He musky oak scent wafting in through the small gap under the door.“Fuck off!” I shout, making it clear that I didn’t want him anywhere near me. He steps into the room, his eyes on me as he shakes his head.It had been three days since he had brought me back here. He had kept me locked in this room all day every day. If he wasn’t in here with me, I was cuffed to the bed. There was no way that I was escaping this time.We hadn’t talked about what he did. We had hardly spoken about anything. The only thing he had done was explain what a Rogue was. Mum had never mentioned them. You would think she would have told me about Lycan’s and wolves that are banished. Especially when she wanted me to look after myself.The lack of knowledge made me feel stupid. Alpha Colt tried to tell me that it wasn’t my fault, but it didn’t change how stupid I had been. Or how close to death I was. I should be grateful that Alpha Colt saved me. Instead, I could
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Lilah’s POVMy mouth drops open. I knew I couldn’t. The Moon goddess had been so fed up of mates rejecting each other over the years. Over two decades ago wolves and Lycans began to discover they couldn’t reject each other. She had made it impossible for us to say those words. There was always a reason she chose the couple.“I…. I….” I try to say the words, but they don’t even form. “Can’t, can you?” He cocks an eyebrow at me.“Li….Lil….Lilah” I keep trying. Hoping that the words would start coming. I was stunned into silence. When I couldn’t even get out my whole name.“Trust me, Lilah. I tried. For the first year of you being on the run. I tried over and over to reject you, because you were a child. But I couldn’t. For some reason, the Moon Goddess wants us to be together. I know you hate it. I feel it with every fibre of your being. You make it more than clear that you don’t want to be around me. But I promise, I will never hurt you.” He smiles and shoots a wink at me “Not unless
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Alpha Colts POV“A psychopath?” No one had been brave enough to call me that too my face.“Yes! That’s exactly what you are. A Fucking Psychopath!” She practically spits out the words.“Why would you even think that?” It’s not what I want my mate to think of me. I don’t want her to hate me. I don’t want her to fear me. But here, right now. She finally tells me what she thinks.“Mum told me everything I need to know.”“Your mother didn’t know me!” I fire back, trying to keep my cool. “She knew enough.”“And what was that, Lilah? What shit did your mother tell you?"“That you are a killer! You destroy everything. You hurt everyone around you.”“I saved you from that Rogue, Lilah. He would have eaten you and he wouldn’t have killed you first. He would have snapped a limb off. Just a little at a time. A finger. A thumb, maybe your hand. Would you rather I let that happen to you?!”She doesn’t answer me. Her grey eyes finally looked away from me. It was harsh, but it was the truth. I was
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Colt “Traitors?” She mumbles. It was a harsh word in the wolf world. It was just as bad to the Lycans. It meant they had committed the greatest crime. A crime that meant only death was the answer. There was no coming back from it. There was no way you could ever ask for forgiveness. Everyone would want you dead. “Yes Lilah. They both were. You are the daughter of traitors. Do you understand now why I had to protect you?” “No, I don’t believe you. You have to be wrong.” Standing up, I hover over her. Deciding how to play my next move. I was done with skirting the issue. Sitting next to her on the carpeted floor. She doesn’t recoil, she doesn’t flinch even when my arm brushes against hers. “Lilah, how do you think I became the King?” I had never known a wolf to have so much denial. I had to find a way to make her understand how serious her situation was. How serious it still is! “Your dad would have died.” She mumbles, keeping her eyes in front of her. I let my hand fall on to h
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