“Sam! Get the bottle!” She yelled as she grabbed hold of his hand and they both began to struggle. The men ran over to them and they all overpowered him and took the piece of bottle away from his hand.

“No.! No!..” he cried as his knees crumbled to the ground and he began to weep uncontrollably.

She began to pant heavily with her white dress stained over with blood. She knelt beside him and placed her hand around his shoulder slowly. She made his head rest on her chest as she caressed his thick arms slowly.

“It’s going to be fine, it will all be fine” she said emotionally as she tried to conceal her tears.

Everyone watched in silence and no one dared say a word.

“Ma’am Vivi, we would be needing a first aid box to attend to his wound” She said

“Yes, Sara will help you with that, while Bose and i will fix the room” the old lady said

“I’ll go get the first aid box now” Sara said as she walked out of the room and the men followed after her.

The moment became silent as she supporte
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