Chapter 42


I smile, staring at the handsome face sleeping beside me. The face of the man that I love and cherish with my heart. I remember everything that happened last night. It was special, magical even. I will never forget last night. 

The way Cody kissed me. The way he touched me. The way he loved me. It made me feel so much that I can't explain how I felt. But it was a good feeling. A great feeling. I'll definitely never forget last night.

I wonder if Sam heard us. It was raining heavily, but I was probably loud. I giggle inwardly at the thought. She's probably looking for me by now, wondering where I've disappeared to. Knowing Sam, it won't be hard for her to guess where I am at the moment.

I move my hand and cup Cody's cheeks gently to not wake him up. I peck his forehead and move out of his bed. I put on my clothes quickly, but before I head out of Cody's room. I glance at him. H

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