Chapter 33

I could smell the new drugs we got as soon as I walked into the warehouse. I've already asked them to package and ship it to our customers across the country.

"This is just the beginning of Salvador's downfall, as I swear," I told Jackson.

"Sure, we're going to make him beg for his death very soon," he added, and I nodded before tasting the cocaine for myself.

"This is really good," I said.

"I'm sure he's gone insane by now; it's a shame he also lost his largest warehouse." I scoff.

"By now, he should be miserable and murdering his members."

"That's perfect for him. "I'm going to leave now," I said.

"Of course, boss!" "Would you like to go see him?" He makes a lighthearted remark.

"You've begun," I chuckle.

"Oh yes, I miss you, I miss us," he said, and I felt bad; I had been a little distant from him, after meeting Santos and the boss' sudden death, and everything affected me badly, and I couldn't help myself.


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