Chapter 222

Troy’s pov

I let Ariel speak, listening to her tell the story about how her father used her. I loved my parents and I knew they loved me and would do anything for me. But not that. My parents wouldn’t kill innocent people, wouldn’t hurt people just so they had a chance to cure me. Her father had used Ariel to experiment as well, just in a different way.

Her father didn’t sound like a nice guy even before he started his experiments. Locking Ariel up, never hugging her. He sounded cold. I had seen many members of our pack who had lost their mates or family members. I was a soldier, so it came with the territory. We were more likely to get killed in an attack. They were changed, but not like that. Not from being a nice person to suddenly a cold blooded killer.

“Her father sounds horrible.” Orlando growled.

But I didn’t have time to get angry or upset. I needed to be there for Ariel. Show her I didn’t care about this. That I didn’t blame her.

I think she believed me, but the best way
Naomi D.

So I was writing this all day and kept adding parts, but i didn't want to make two chaptes out of it. Hope you like it. Next chapter will be from Osiris' pov. I just wanted Ariel and Troy have some time together first.

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Debbie Copper
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Naomi D
thank you!
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Samantha White Riley
I love how patient Troy is being with her and how she trusts him through this situation. Way to go Troy!

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