Chapter 247

Ela’s pov

“That smells so good that I don’t know whether to eat you or whatever you’re baking.” Easton said from the other room.

Ariel looked at me mortified.

“Ariel is here, Easton.” I mindlinked Easton, laughing loudly.

Easton came out, apologizing to a very red Ariel. “I am so sorry. I didn’t hear you and that smell of whatever you’re baking was too strong for me to smell your scent. Sorry!”

Ariel looked a bit shy, but I knew she and Troy were living together and doing probably the same things me and Easton were. She had really changed since living with Troy. She was more confident, she shared more and she looked happy.

“It’s fine,” Ariel finally said, “I wanted to bring some cookies to Luna Lily anyway. You enjoy whatever you decide to eat.”

I almost chocked on the cookie I was eating and laughed loudly, while Easton just stared in shock at the once timid Ariel.

When Ariel left, Easton shook his head. “You have some weird friends, Sweets. Talia shares everything and now shy
Naomi D.

Sorry for the short chapter. I have a crazy busy day and I am really tired. honestly I should just go to bed earlier, but I feel like that is the only time I get to myself and I don't want to waste it on sleeping. Revenge bedtime procrastination is what it's called I think hahaha and my boyfriend interrupted my sleep for some 'adult time'. which I never regret missing sleep over. I will write tonight probably or later today. but this one was a little update on Ela and Easton and also a way to tell what happened when Mei and Aarush went on their 'date.' I also need to write every day to get mab, because I missed so many when I was on holiday. so sorry if the chapters feel rushed. it is because they are haha

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goodnovel comment avatar
I love the name. It’s perfect to show that it’s a mix of Indian and western tea and baked goods.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanthale (talia)
Hahaha i feel sry for aarush. I miss Samantha she is still so funny with the names. I love ela drive but she need to remember her education. You have a life to and even so you take your time to give us this wonderful story. Thank you

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