King Alejandro: The Return Of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

King Alejandro: The Return Of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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Eight years have passed since the battle that took the lives of many, eight years since the birth of an Alpha prince, and eight years since the world has been at peace. Alejandro Rossi, the Lycan King, ruled his country with a just and fair hand. Enjoying life with his mate Kiara and children in tranquillity. That is until the shadow of a new threat falls upon them. One mistake, one failure and one regret, destroy the very foundation of his life. A mother's pain, brings his queen to her knees. Will his guilt throw him back into the darkness he once drowned in? Will her pain make her forget everything she holds dear? With time ticking out, will they strength the bond of love, family and hope before everything is destroyed? THE FIFTH INSTALLMENT IN THE ALPHA SERIES Book 1 – Her Forbidden Alpha Book 2 – Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Book 3 – Her Destined Alpha Book 4 – Caged Between The Beta & Alpha

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King Alejandro: The Return of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha by Moonlight Muse is a gripping werewolf romance novel that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. The story revolves around a young woman named Lana, who finds herself torn between her past and present love for two alpha werewolves, one of whom is the King Alejandro. The writing is fluid, and the steamy scenes are well-executed with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Overall, if you're a fan of werewolf romance, this book is definitely worth checking out.

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Serene Riley
Completely in love with this whole series
2023-12-01 10:29:18
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Moonlight Muse books are well written and submerge you into a world we would dream to be a part of. Love all the characters and imagination. King Alejandro is truly my favorite, the development of this character surpasses any expectations. Thank you Muse truly recommend this and all of your books!...
2023-11-27 08:32:30
user avatar
Harley Quinn
love this book and King Al
2023-11-22 23:10:41
user avatar
Crystal Eswonia
love, love, love this series and it's spin off series. moonlight muse is my new favorite author since a few months ago and I have already ready all 7 books related to these characters, I am waiting impatiently for the next in the spin off series ...️
2023-11-21 23:42:19
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Charmin Stallworth
This book is amazing. The last of a series. I laughed out loud, I cried real tears. The author draws you in and keeps you engaged until the end.
2023-11-20 14:07:06
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This book and the entire series so far has been my favourite! Im so paranoid these come off goodnovel im going to have to buy them all hard back copies! Will definitely reread once I’ve read leos books! Keep going really excited for the rest and definitely hope der will be a dante book also! X
2023-11-03 18:16:19
default avatar
Zoie Daniels
Really enjoyed this series. Looking forward to starting the Rossi series.
2023-11-01 17:15:48
default avatar
Oksana Anatolevna Lewis
Love love love
2023-10-30 04:46:25
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This book is such a page turner. I adore Alejandro and Kiara, seeing their unconditional love and their precious family. It is also a very important book to set the way for the legacies, showing the basis for Alpha Leo, Skyla and the rest of the legacies that will be written. .........
2023-10-27 16:27:05
user avatar
Monica Liland
This is one of the best series I have ever read!
2023-10-26 01:11:31
default avatar
Nic Alva
Loved the series
2023-10-19 06:26:39
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Carmon Dian McCullough
I read the whole series. I think you did a wonderful job. Continue writing your heart out.
2023-10-12 01:55:01
user avatar
Fantastic series, can't wait for the next generation
2023-10-09 09:24:30
user avatar
Amelia Horo
I loved it and have enjoyed this whole series, love how you keep all the characters intertwined in each book. looking forward to the Rossi spin off's
2023-10-04 22:16:15
default avatar
Cassey M. Gay
This series has been a whirlwind! Amazing
2023-10-03 07:38:30
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91 Chapters
1. A Message
KIARA The smell of sizzling barbeque food mixed with the fresh earth and flowers from outside the open window swirled around me, intertwined with the scents of my loved ones. Upbeat music was playing and the warmth of the summer sun bathed my holiday bedroom in a pleasant glow. "Skyla, stop it!" My son Dante’s frustrated voice reached me. "Make me, dumb dumb!" His younger sister, Skyla’s snarky reply came. I smiled. The two often clashed. I shook my head, turning back to the mirror and adjusting the top of my dress over my boobs. I swear this dress wasn’t this tight when I bought it, or was it? I wasn’t sure, but with Alejandro, my deliciously dangerously sexy and hot mate, telling me it had looked perfect on me, no wonder I didn’t pay attention. I smoothed the creases in the satin dress, doing a slow turn and examining my reflection. The fuchsia pink satin of my mini dress hugged my figure like a glove, emphasising my ample breasts, narrow wa
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2. His Concern
ALEJANDRO "Kataleya how old are you now?" Azura questioned Kataleya, hands-on hips as she did. I knew that the little devil was trying to test her. She fucking acted like she was eighteen or some shit like that, she was a dangerous one. Kataleya blinked and held up six fingers. That’s my fucking pup. "Good girl." Azura replied, with an approving nod and went off to fuss over one of those Westwood pups. I may see them often enough, but they all fucking look the same. Well maybe they don't, but to me, they do, not my fault that there’s an entire fucking army of them. "Kia’s taking her time." Liam remarked, glancing towards the villa as he picked up one of his little fuckers. "I’ll go fucking take a look." I took a final drag on my cigarette before tossing it to the ground and making sure I snuffed it out with my boot, walking towards the house, almost fucking stepping on one of these roach-sized pups. How the fuck are the
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3. Cake & Flirting
KIARA "Time to cut the cake!" Mom called, making both Skyla and Kataleya turn in excitement. I smiled. The kids had just spent the last hour playing games and I think they were ready for some dessert now. "Oh, I can’t wait!" Skyla exclaimed, skipping over to the cake, pulling her sister along with her. Alejandro picked both up, making them giggle when he kissed their cheeks. "Daddy's beard is poky." Kataleya giggled cutely, patting her dad's cheek before kissing him. "Yeah well, I ain't going to have a fucking babyface now am I?" Alejandro smirked, nudging his cheek against her own, making her giggle. "Where’s the knife?" Skyla asked. This girl and her love for weapons! "Here, now be careful, ok?" I warned her, passing her the knife and placing Kataleya’s hand on top of her sister’s as everyone began singing happy birthday. I kept my hand on top of the girls, guiding it to the cake and helped them slice it befor
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4. A Typical Rossi Family Morning
KIARA   The sun shone through the curtains, and I could still feel the after-effects of last night. The ache between my legs was a pleasant reminder of what had happened. Goddess, the man had incredible stamina, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I turned in bed, missing the feel of his arms around me. I turned, touching the other side of the bed, although his scent lingered in the room, his side of the bed was cold. I sat up, glancing towards the bathroom door, brushing my hair back from my face. ‘Alejandro?’ I mind linked. ‘Morning… I hope you slept well.’ ‘Perfectly. Why didn’t you wake me up, what about breakfast?’ I asked. We didn’t bring any omegas along for the cooking so it was just the five of us. ‘You were spent after last night, as much as you love spreading those legs for me, you fucking push your limits." I smiled, rolling my eyes. ‘As if you’re not to blame for me wanting you.’ ‘Good, beca
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5. The Wolves
ALEJANDRO The kids were having a fucking blast, and as much as I wanted Kiara to have been here, I knew yesterday that whatever happened was on her mind and she needed rest. I made sure the villa was surrounded by guards. The kids were safe with me, but I was not going to fucking risk leaving her alone. This place was pretty fucking neat, with the mountain backdrop, the waterfall and the clear river. The greenery and the trees were in full bloom, and the sound of birds chirping in the trees rang in the clear blue sky. I frowned, watching Dante take his shirt off, seemingly irritated, and I realised what he was about to do. "Dante, don’t." I warned, closing the gap between us and grabbing his hand as he was about to yank the necklace of concealment off. "Dad, I just want to go in the water without this, I feel stronger without it." He frowned. A sliver of guilt rushed through me, knowing we were practically subduing him as a person, but
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6. My Worst Nightmare
KIARA "I'm ok." I said looking up at Julio, who had found me. My body was aching and I could barely think straight. "What happened?" He asked, frowning. "Should I call the Alpha?" "I don’t know, there was a paper… I… I’ll call him just to see how they are." I murmured, looking at my own shattered phone. Worry, pain, and fear were swirling inside of me, but it wasn’t my own emotions - Alejandro. What was happening? "Contact Alejandro!" I exclaimed suddenly, making Julio grab his phone, but just then, the sound of running reached my ears and Alejandro appeared at the door, blood and dirt covering his body. Clad in only torn sweatpants which told me had shifted. My eyes snapped to the limp bodies of Dante and Skyla in his arms, and I sprang up. "What happened?!" I cried, my powers surging around me. Panic and worry consumed me as I took in their state. Skyla’s heartbeat was steady yet weak, but she seemed to simply
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7. The Unravelling Of Hope
ALEJANDRO Fear ran through my veins and, although I may be the strongest shifter out here, I felt helpless. Kataleya. She was all I could fucking think of. Remembering the way, the wolf's teeth were clamped around her tiny body. The blood dripping from his mouth, her blood… and the terror in her eyes as they got further and further away. I’d give my fucking life for her safety. Then Kiara’s pain, the way she pushed me away ripped at my heart. I knew she was in pain, a mother’s reaction after all. She was the perfect mother to our child, not like my own fucking mother, who played dead for years and then came back with her psychotic plans to destroy the world over eight years ago. She sure fucking didn’t care if any of us went down with her. But Kiara, she was firm, fair and affectionate. She loved her pups unconditionally and even then, made time for me, her family, our pack and her friends, as well as for a certain fucker I couldn’t stand. She
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8. Their Pain
KIARA "Leave him." I glanced at Rayhan as I was about to lift Dante from the bed. "You need to sleep too." He shook his head, "I can’t sleep anyway. Leave him here, I’ll watch over them both." Our eyes met and I nodded, feeling terrible. "I'm so sorry, Ray." I whispered. He shook his head, giving me a small smile that didn’t take away the emotions in his eyes that were riddled with worry and pain. "We’re family and we stick together. You need to stop apologising." He said, caressing Delsanra’s snowy white hair. "She’s a fighter, they both are…" I nodded as I kissed Dante’s forehead. How much pain was he in? Was he going to be ok? I looked over at Delsanra, caressing her hair for a moment. She had two little pups, Ahren and Sienna. Goddess, they needed their mother. "Kiara?" Rayhan’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and he raised an eyebrow. "They’ll be ok." I nodded, unable to
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9. The High Witches
KIARA I hadn't been able to sleep properly. Both Alejandro and I had tossed and turned. The sun hadn't even risen but I sat up, picking up the pad and forcing myself to write the second message. I was halfway through it when Alejandro woke up. We had barely slept, although we had been trying to sleep for the last four hours. How could we sleep when our baby girl was somewhere? All alone. I knew he wanted to get back out there to look for our pup. His arm was around me, his hand over mine as I wrote the words, painstakingly slow. The sparks of his touch were like the comfort of warmth on a winter day. He didn’t speak, simply placing a few comforting kisses on my neck and shoulder. ‘A debt must always be repaid, by blood or by life.’ I had done it! I gasped, dropping the pen. Alejandro instantly grabbed some napkins from the tray of left-over food from last night and dabbed them gently over my bleeding hand, then over the paper that was
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10. Her Decision
KIARA "This is worse than we thought, isn’t it?" "Demons are rare, and if this was cast by a demon, and I’m sure it was, then finding the one behind it is going to be rather difficult, even for us." I closed my eyes, wishing that was not the case. "Is there no other way?" "Of course there is, finding the one who summoned the demon. If we find him, then we find the rest of the answers." Magdalene stated, smoothing out the sleeve of her dress. The two women exchanged looks, I knew they were keeping something from me. "There’s more to it, isn’t there? Tell me." I asked sharply, just as Mom entered. Janaina sighed heavily. "If anyone else had performed this spell, or any spell for that matter, trying to lift the curse…. They would have died instantly. The only reason Delsanra survived is because of her demon side." Her words made my blood run cold, I felt as if I had been slapped across the face. God
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