“Aren’t you going to pick one?”

“Just choose what you think will be good,” she said.

Neal after a long consideration picked a black slim cell with a nice rear and front camera. While he paid for it, she was busy looking at the phone covers. She had always wanted to have a matching cover with her boyfriend if she ever had one. Now that she skipped from a boyfriend to a husband, will she have her dream fulfilled?

“What’s on your mind?” he asked her.

“Can you buy that for me?” she asked looking at the covers.

Neal smiled and asked the sales attendant for the covers.

“You want matching covers?”

She couldn’t answer that question at all, she felt very embarrassed.

“I will buy them for you,” he said and paid for them.

When the phone got registered as well as the SIM card, the attendant put the cover on and she was happy. Neal took his phone out and had the cover on as well.

She looked at him and whispered, “thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

They left the shop and began to do some window shopping.

“Did you buy clothes for the honeymoon?” he asked suddenly and she choked on herself.

He laughed when she did that but helped her to calm down.

“Why are you asking such a question?”

“I was just curios.”

“I don’t know. I have been busy with lessons. Maybe they are there.”

“How about we do that now?”

“With you?”

“Yes, it’s not like I won’t see them. I will just help you pick.”

“How about you just pick the ones that you thing are good. I have no idea what I will be getting.”

“Let’s do it together.”

That’s how the day went all awkward. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t shy at all helping her to pick out lingerie. He seemed to have taste and a lot of experience which made her heart sank.

After buying her lingerie, he went ahead and bought her shoes and purses. She totally forgot that she was mad at him. After shopping they went into a restaurant where she ordered some dumplings.

“Talia, isn’t this too much?”

“You said you wanted to get to know me. I love dumplings, you should try them,” she said biting one.

She could tell he was curious, so she gave him the one she was eating. He looked at her and she whispered, “it’s not poisonous at all.”

He smiled and finished the dumpling. He took another one and she knew she had won. After their dumplings lunch, they were given a free lunch by the owner who had received more customers the moment they stepped in.

“It’s my first time receiving something like this.”

“It feels good right?”

“It does. Father will be furious if he hears that we just ate dumplings in the crowd.”

“He will be lenient with you, don’t worry. At least the prince will be seen as someone who is normal just like any other person. How can you say you are a citizen and yet you never ate this kind of food?”

“That’s true. We should bring this to mother and if she doesn’t like them, we will just eat them.”

“Aren’t we eating too much? I might not fit into my gown tomorrow.”

“That will become a sight to see. Let’s go somewhere else and have some privacy,” he said.

They left the mall and went to a beauty parlor where she received a full body massage, pedicure, manicure and had her hair done too.

“Isn’t this over the top?” she asked as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“It’s not, you should look beautiful tomorrow.”

“I really appreciate it.”

By the time they returned back to the palace it was a bit late. She had her supper in her own rooms and went to bed early. It was going to be a big day for her and she didn’t want to spoil it no matter what.

Neal found it hard to forgive the woman he loved so dearly. How could she betray him like that? After everything he had done for her, after giving her his heart and she just tramped upon it as if it was nothing.

Neal was the last-born child of the current king and queen of Qarth. His family had been ruling for long and they were respected globally. Being the youngest he got spoiled by his mother, he did whatever he wanted which included being with the girl he liked ever since he was a child.

Chloe was his life and world. He loved her deeply. She was his first kiss and he lost his purity to her too. He could walk on top of fire even if it meant to be with her. Being a prince meant to be cautious of everything he did but with her he could let his guard down.

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