#Chapter 153 - Save Her

Rachel POV

"Why aren't we going to get my mother, now?" I asked, wiping the sweat from my brow with a towel growing steadily warmer with every touch to my skin.

Art had brought Richard Campbell's computer along with the files from behind the picture frame. We had an exact location on the asylum my mother was being held at, but we had no access to her. I was still trying to understand why.

I prompted, "What is the plan, Art? We can't just let them keep my mother in that hellhole."

I knew the place Mom was in had to be terrible. They couldn't be a reputable institution and keep a woman with no illness hostage for two decades. I didn't even want to visit the place much less imagine how my mother could have survived there for twenty years.

"Are you okay?" Art asked, his expression concerned as he studied me hard enough to make me wipe myself with my cold towel again, "You don't look okay."

"I feel hot," I said, "I don't know? It seems to be gett

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
agreed 100% I can't stand her! Nathan deserves better then this pathetic waste of space
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
he seems annoyed by her and concerned about her at the same time. I was hoping they'd be friends after this. I really hope Tyler doesn't lose it if Rachael passes out like my niece did. scariest twenty minutes of our life, not knowing if she was going to survive.
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
my niece had preclampsia. she nearly died during delivery. they need to save Rachael. and lindy is crying because she thinks of Rachael as her sister. I hope Rachael gets that because as annoying as it is that she's crying all the time, this is a good reason. does art care about Rachael, at all.

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