I raise an eyebrow, crossing my arms and trying my hardest to not pay attention to the way his eyes drop to my cleavage for a moment. "Not that it's any of your business, but no, I'm alone." 

I take a small step forward, coming even closer to him, and look up into his eyes through my eyelashes. "Would you be jealous if I did have someone over?" 

His eyes drop to my lips briefly before snapping back to my eyes.  

I smirk at him and duck under his arm to get out. "I'm going to change really quick."  

I walk into my bedroom, shut the door behind me, and walk to my closet. I pull out one of my pink silk pajama sets. It's a tank top and some shorts that don't even reach mid-thigh. I go to my dresser to pull out a pair of underwear but stop myself. What's the point? I'm so wet that the underwear would simply be pointless. I close the drawer and start drying off. I rub on some of my peach lotion and then put it on the shelf. I look in the mirror. My nipples are so hard you can see the outline through my shirt.  

I shrug. No point in putting on a bra, either.  

I go back to the door, open it, and walk out. I shut it behind me again before walking back down the hallway. 

The twins are standing by the door, conversing in whispers. Jacob is still sitting on the couch, head in his hand. However, now he was snoring slightly.  

"He's knocked out." The twins both go silent and turn to look at me.  

I hear Nicholas utter a silent 'fuck' under his breath.  

"Should we wake him up?" I ask as the two giants start towards me.  

They stop in front of me, and I have to crane my head to look up at them. They really are giants.  

"Let him sleep, I'm sure you can help us without him." 

I nod and take a step back away from them, turning away and walking to the third door in the hallway. It's closed still from when I finished my shift earlier at TechBuddy.  

I go to open the door when suddenly I'm pushed against it. I brace my hands against the door as I feel one of them press their body tightly against mine.  

"Antonio." I hear Nicholas warn. "You're going to scare her." 

I feel Antonio run his nose down the side of my neck and I shiver. His arms are raised by my head, palms pressed against the wall. 

"She's not scared. She's wet, I can practically taste her right now." Antonio presses his body even closer to mine, letting me feel the huge hard-on he has. 

"I wonder if she would actually let me taste her."  

One of his hands slides down from the wall to my hands on the door in front of us. His fingers trace along my skin lightly, going from my hand to my arm. 

He reaches my shoulder and pauses for a moment, leaning forward to brush his lips against my ear.  

"Tell me to stop, and I will." 

I open my mouth to stop him, but no words come out. Instead, I lean my head against the door in silence.  

I feel his smirk against the skin of my neck as his hand continues down from my shoulder to my waist, curving over my stomach to trace along the waistband of my shorts.  

His fingers dance along the edge, teasing me. I am gushing, leaking so bad I'm surprised my juices aren't flowing down my thighs.  

Finally, his hand slides into my shorts. He groans when he feels my skin instead of fabric from underwear.  

"No underwear, I knew it." 

His hand slides down even further, slowly, taking his time to tease me into being a wet mess. And then, his fingers find my core.  

My soaking wet core.  

"Nikko, she's drenched." 

His fingers swirl around in my juices for a moment before he takes his hand out. He uses his dry hand to turn me around to face him. His hand comes to my chin to force my eyes to him, to watch him as he takes his wet hand to his mouth and licks the juices off.  

He moans out. "Fucking heaven. Nikko, you've got to try it."  

I look behind him at Nicholas. His eyes are dark, just like his twins.  

He keeps his eyes on me as he comes and stands right next to his brother, who keeps me pressed against the door. He drops to his knees in front of me, pulling my shorts down and kissing down my legs as he does. The shorts lay in a puddle around my ankles, and he motions for me to step out of them.  

Which I do.  

He smiles up at me when I do before one of his hands grabs one of my legs and raises it slightly. Antonio catches it and holds it up for him, keeping my bottom lips exposed for his twin's viewing.  

I lean my head against the door behind me, looking up at the ceiling, as Nicholas begins to kiss up my leg again. Antonio doesn't seem to like this. His free hand, the one not holding my leg up, reaches up to my chin.  

He forces me to face him. "Eyes on us, okay? I want to watch the moment you cum."  

I nod, going to answer when all of a sudden Nicholas' mouth finally reaches my wet core. He takes a long lick from one end to the other, both of us moaning all at once.  

"Heaven indeed." 

I expect him to continue, to make me cum as his twin promised. Instead, he stands back on his feet, and pushes me against the wall, one hand wrapped tightly around my neck and the other slipping back into my heat.  

"Right now, we are going to go into your office and fix our situation. Then, we will be kicking Jacob out and fucking the shit out of you. Together. You like the sound of that?"  

Holy shit, Jacob is here. What if he had woken up and seen Nicholas with his tongue in me?  

What if he had exposed me? 

I nod at him, and he removes his hands, licking my juices off before leaning back down to help me slide my shorts back on. 

I open the door to the office and walk into it, turning on the lights.  

I walk into the large room and turn to watch the twins enter. They look around, taking in my office.  

Right next to the door, I have my work desk with my company-issued computer.  

My couch is next to it, a deep ruby red to contrast against the white wall. In the corner across the room is my personal desk.  

It's a corner desk, white and large, with drawers on both ends. It has three displays on it, with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  

I walk to it, sitting in the ruby red leather chair and facing the twins again.  

"So, you guys mentioned there was a security breach? What exactly are we looking at?" I gesture to the couch, and they each take a seat on it.  

The twins look at each other before turning to look back at me.  

"What we are about to tell you is probably going to scare you, and we will understand if you choose to make us leave. But please, we need your help."  

I nod and lean back into my chair. "Go on." 

"We had a leak in our security system. Someone was able to hack in and see parts of our security camera." Nicholas begins. Antonio is sitting next to him, silent and tense. "This person sent in a very compromising photo of us doing something very illegal, and we need to know who it is, so we know who to deal with." 

I nod at his words. "What was this picture of?" 

Nicholas leans back in his seat. "Do you really need to know that?" 

Again, I nod. "More than likely, the person who hacked into your security system was simply paid to do it. Different hackers only service certain clients, looking for specific things. Knowing what is in the picture can let me know what to look for. It can distinguish what expert could be involved and what traces to look for."  

Antonio raises an eyebrow. "According to Jacob, there were no traces left." 

I smile at them. "No offense, but Jacob isn't me. I have more knowledge and experience with this kind of stuff than him. He could have missed something that would be obvious to me."  

The twins share another dark look before Antonio pulls his phone from his pocket. He scrolls through it for a moment before turning the phone towards me. There a man sat on his knees, a gun directly against his forehead. Antonio was holding the gun, I could tell because Nicholas stood next to the man with his unique smirk.  

I look up at the twins, who were staring at me. It was like they were waiting for me to run or scream.  

If only they knew what I've seen.

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Right, three men, two complete strangers, in her home and she goes with no underwear, just the tiniest clothing possible? Seems unusual. Also the twins seem to be werewolves

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