A Broken Alpha
A Broken Alpha
Author: Abigail Phillips

Chapter 1 The Rejection


Werewolves are extremely tall, much taller than humans. And Thaddeus is one of the tallest.

Thaddeus, at 7' tall, with long wavy light brown hair with natural blonde highlights that sits just past his shoulders. He has light brown eyes, a sharp jawline, and light tan skin. Tattoos that cover most of his muscular body.

He is the strongest and most feared Alpha. He became Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack at the age of 17 when his father died. His pack is one of the largest and strongest packs in the area with over 1,500 members and all warriors. All pack members, male and females ages 16 and over, train daily 3 hours a day, 6 days a week to make sure his pack stays strong.

He is often called upon for help, from other packs since he and his warriors are such skilled, strong and fierce fighters.

Thaddeus has continued his father's legacy. Trying to rid the world of all the bad and evil Alpha's.

There's a lot of Alpha's that haven't kept up with the times and still believe in the old ways. Omega's were forced to be slaves. They were raped beaten and starved, forced to live a horrible life.

Thankfully times have changed and most Alpha's don't think this way anymore. Most werewolves and Alpha's have learned how special Omega's actually are. But unfortunately not all Alpha's have changed.

Thaddeus's father wanted a world that was safe for all werewolves, including Omegas. He's been seeking out Alphas that still believed in the old ways. Most of these Alpha's don't only hurt their Omega's, they hurt the lower ranks as well. These are the Alpha's his father has been taking out.

After his father's death, Thaddeus took over and is trying to continue his legacy, to rid the world of all the bad Alpha's. To help other packs who are good. To teach them how to fight and protect themselves. To help them grow and become stronger.

Unfortunately, at the age of 20 he was helping a neighboring pack that was under attack by rogues. While fighting off a group of rogues one of them managed to stab him in his spine while in human form. They used a silver blade that was dipped in wolfsbane which left him without the use of his legs and confined to a wheelchair.

But being confined to a wheelchair doesn't make him weak. He is still strong and fearless even in his human form but more so in his wolf form.

Especially since the paralysis did not affect his wolf form. When he shifts to his wolf he has full use of all four legs.

Thaddeus at 21 still had not found his mate. He has been eager to find his mate ever since he turned 18.

18 is the age when a werewolf's mating instincts are triggered, allowing them to identify their mate.

A mate to him is such a blessing and a gift from the Moon Goddess Celine.

It's one you should never hurt, but love and cherish. Your mate is created just for you, It's the other half of your soul. He's been looking and can't wait to find his mate. The one he can love and cherish, for the rest of his life.


Thaddeus POV

Age now 21

"Thaddeus where are you man? We need to leave! We were supposed to leave 20 minutes ago, Come on big guy!"

My Beta Xander said to me through the mind link.

" I'm on my way, I just had to put a few more things together for Noah." I said to him through the link.

Man I hate these stupid Alpha conventions. This year it's all the way in Florida.

This time of the year, Florida is way too hot for me. I prefer the cooler temperatures here in the upper peninsula, Watton, Michigan.


I growl contemplating pushing this idiot out the damn car. Xander won't stop talking the whole way here and now I have a massive migraine.

I've known Xander my whole life.

We literally grew up together from diapers. Our parents were best friends considering his father was my father's Beta. Once I became the Alpha Xander became my Beta.

Marcus is my third in command and head lead warrior. He came to our pack when he was five and the three of us have been best friends ever since.

I don't have any siblings so they're like the brothers I've never had. We always had each other's back and were inseparable. I trust these guys with my life.

Marcus is 6'6 muscular, light brown skin with long black dreadlocks just past his shoulders with gray eyes. Flawless skin, sharp jawline and plump lips.

Marcus is polar opposite of Xander.

He is more on the serious side, but has a big heart. He is very protective of the pack and those he loves and cares about. He is my best and strongest warrior. These traits are the reason he's my third in command, the lead warrior of the pack.

Xander is 6'7 muscular, a light tan, striking blue eyes, brown hair, short on the sides and a bit longer on top.

He has a goofy personality and is

the life of the party. He always says the goofiest shit. And the man can talk! I mean he literally never shuts up. And lame dad jokes, Goddess this man is full of them!

I came so close to pulling over and throwing his ass out of the car on the way here.

Hopefully he doesn't make me toss him out of the plane.

At least we have a private jet, maybe I can sleep the whole trip and not have to listen to his ass talk the whole time.


We didn't have time to check in to the hotel, so we went straight to the convention which is where we are now.

At least today it's just dinner, so we don't have to listen to all the lectures and boring stuff.

Xander and I are sitting down and just finished eating when my wolf started to stir and pace in my head. It felt like he was nudging against my skull and trying to claw his way out. He was practically howling in my head, the damn thing was giving me a headache.

"Knock it off zeus!" I growl at my wolf in my head. He just huffs and continues what he's doing.

I looked around trying to figure out what was making him act like this.

As I turn my head in the direction of the door I smelled it...

That unique amazing scent that I have been waiting my whole life to smell, the scent of my mate.

My heart began to race and pound in my chest. I couldn't believe this moment was finally here. I was so excited until I made eye contact with him as he stood near the entrance.

The look of shock and anger on his face surprised me. He looked so angry, almost disgusted.

His Jaw was clenched tight and his hands were in a fist so tight I could see blood dripping from his hands. His claws must have extended and punctured his palms.

The next thing I know he storms out the back door and I was left there in shock.

I wheeled myself out the door to go after him so I could see what was going on. When I get outside he was pacing back and forth mumbling to himself.

He stopped when I was in front of him and just glared at me. After a few moments he spoke,

"This must be some sick fucking joke from the Moon goddess."

"I mean you're a man, I'm not fucking gay!"

"I like women!" He yelled "Pussy not dick!"

"And look at you," He motion toward me with his hands.

"You're in a fucking wheelchair, how pathetic!" He yelled with so much hate in his voice as his face contorts in disgust.

By this time he's just screaming in my face going on about not being gay and how he couldn't believe that he was mated to a man. Going on about how pathetic I was because I'm in a wheelchair. Going on about how he couldn't believe the moon goddess would mate him to someone in a wheelchair.

"Boy the moon goddess sure does hate me.' He said.

"First I don't even get the Alpha position, Nooo!... That was given to my brother and now I'm stuck being his fucking beta! And now I'm not only mated to a man, but one in a damn wheelchair!... Just fucking great!"

He yelled, throwing his arms out to the side before he dropped them, slapping them against his side.

At this point he's really screaming in my face and poking me in the chest.

While I'm sitting here completely shocked because to me, when it comes to the gift from the Moon goddess, gender doesn't matter.

It's her gift that she created for us. The other half of my soul, the person that was made perfectly for me, that completes me. I don't care if my mate is a male, female, black, white, Chinese or whatever it may be. Everyone in the world could call my mate ugly and I would still want, love and think my mate was the most beautiful person to me.

I could never imagine, or even think of saying any of the hateful things that are coming from his mouth or even lay a finger on my mate.

And here he is spewing venom with so much hate and anger at me I couldn't even speak or move. I was in such a state of shock.

The next thing I know I felt a sharp pain as my head jerks to the left.

Normally, if this would have been anyone else, I would have snapped his neck so fast then ripped his head off for talking to me like this and disrespecting me. And that's not even mentioning the fact that he'd dare lay a finger on me.

But it wasn't just anyone... It was my mate.

There's not a single cell in my body that would allow me to hurt him.

I whip my head back to look at him while holding my jaw. He laughs at my surprised face then yells,

"I'll never stay mated to a man!" He then hits me again, throwing a punch to my face which I didn't block or even try to stop. My head whips to the side and I felt my lip split as the coppery blood fills my mouth.

He throws another punch to my stomach, then another one. I feel the bruises and welts form on my stomach.

But the pain is nothing compared to the feeling of my heart breaking.

I wasn't doing anything about it, I just couldn't bring myself to react. I think I was too broken in that moment that I figured if he felt he needed to hit me then I would let him.

This seems to anger him more as he yells at me,

"Hit back!.... Fight back you fucking fagot!"

He finally stops and stands there looking at me with his chest heaving.

I wipe my lip with the back of my hand then look at him for a moment.

"No! I won't hit you. You're my mate!" I simply say.

At this point he's enraged. He screams as he kicks me in the chest which knocks me backwards and out of my wheelchair, at the same time knocking the wind out of my lungs.

After taking a few deep breaths he walks over then looks down at me for a moment. "What's your name?" He asked through gritted teeth.

I knew why he was asking for my name and my heart broke into a million pieces. My wolf was howling and whimpering in my head.

I laid there looking at him for a moment. I could feel the sting of tears pricking at my eyes but I would not let them fall.

Spitting out blood I said, "Thaddeus Anderson."

He coldly said, "I, Jackson Morris, beta of the Blood Moon pack reject you Thaddeus Anderson as my mate!"

I know he spoke the words but I couldn't hear them. I couldn't hear anything he said, not his name, not his pack, nothing as he spoke the rejection. His words were a distant sound as I went numb before I felt the intense pain in my chest as I felt and mate bond break.

I squeeze my eyes closed tight and gripped my chest as I felt the strings of the mate bond snap in an instant. The pain was incredible, like a knife stabbed into my heart then twisting. Each breath burning as the pain radiated through my chest.

After I caught my breath I looked up at him, "I Thaddeus Anderson accept your rejection." I said.

He grabbed his chest then dropped to his knees crying out. His eyes squeezed shut with sweat dripping down his forehead. He sounded as if he couldn't catch his breath as he was hunched over with one hand bracing himself on the ground, and the other clutching his chest.

After a few moments he stood up then shook his head as if he was shaking it off.

Without looking back at me he just walked away.

Abigail Phillips


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