Five: Stay the Night

Dinner was a quiet affair. I was more nervous than anything to be alone with Gabriel that night and ended up picking at my food like a child. I caught him sending me worried glances throughout most of the meal. As soon as he finished eating, he slid his chair closer and placed his hand on my thigh. The heat radiating from his palm made me press my thighs together as a jolt of excitement ran through me.

"Are you alright?" His voice managed to deepen as he leaned in to whisper in my ear. I had no doubt that at least Athena could still hear us across the table if she wanted to. By the love-struck look on her face, as she watched my sister nervously jabber on, I knew she wasn't listening to us.

"Yes, I guess I'm just a bit shocked is all." Lying to him tasted like poison was being poured on my tongue. I wasn't shocked at all. I had known his kind existed for the past decade. Every night, I had dreamed of the man before me. We had a connection, and I had been aware of it for the majority of my life. I wasn't just obsessively searching for him for no reason. I was being pushed to find him.

"Everything will be okay. Adjusting will just take some time." His hand squeezed my leg comfortingly.

When we had finished eating, Gabriel and Athena made quick work of moving all of the dishes into the kitchen, assuring us that they would take care of it in the morning. It seemed that they were just as eager to be alone with us as we were with them.

"I'm going to go with Athena tonight. Will you be okay?" Elena's excitement was easily visible, and I quickly nodded to assure her that she wouldn't need to worry about me.

The sound of footsteps as the two wolves approached us had the butterflies returning to my stomach. I walked behind Athena and Elena as they made their way to the front door, arms wrapped around the other's waist.

Reaching the door, Elena pulled herself away from her mate to approach me. She wrapped me in a tight hug before placing a kiss on my cheek. She seemed so confident and sure about everything that I couldn't help but admire her. The difference was that she had past girlfriends. She had experience.

Gabriel wrapped his arm around my waist as he leaned over me to close the door. I felt myself tense with nerves and excitement when he bent down to place a gentle kiss on my shoulder. "Do you have any more questions for me tonight?"

My tongue dried in my mouth at the feeling of his chest pressed against my back. I could feel his heart pounding rapidly.

There was one question that I needed to ask him, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for the answer.

"No, I think I am more tired than anything. Maybe we can talk more tomorrow?" A smile stretched across his face, and he nodded eagerly in answer to my question.

"Of course, come with me. I will show you to our room." It didn't escape my notice that he said our room instead of his room or a guest room. Giddiness overpowered my nerves, and I eagerly followed behind him as he guided me by my hand. The hallway we had gone down before split into a T, and he turned down the unexplored area and passed several doors.

The white painted wood seemed to make him pause. He stepped to the side, letting my hand drop, and pushed open the door. There was a beautiful king-size bed in the middle of the room with a plush, grey duvet on top but minimal pillows. On each side stood two oak nightstands with gold lamps, but only one had a half-empty glass of water.

There were two open doors on the left side of the room. One led to a bathroom where I could only see part of a tub from where I stood. The other was a closet, where I saw men's clothes hanging neatly. It was very spacious and brought a smile to my face.

"This room is beautiful," I started as I walked to the center of it. When I turned back to look at Gabriel, I noticed a large flat screen mounted on the wall by the door so that it could be visible from the bed.

There was a look of pride on his face as he watched me. "I can't tell you how long I have been dreaming of the day that you would be here. Having you in this house, in our room, is better than I thought it would be." He stalked toward me slowly with confidence and power. I couldn't move or speak as I froze with anticipation.

There was no hesitation in his movements as he reached me. His right hand gently caressed the side of my face, his fingers entangling in my hair. Sparks shot through my hip at the feeling of him gently stroking the skin where my shirt had ridden up with his thumb. I wanted to feel him too. All of him.

Placing my hands on his firm chest, I felt him inhale deeply.

There was a moment of peace. My eyes dropped down to his lips, and I watched hungrily as his tongue peeked out to wet them. Stepping up to my toes, I greedily pressed my mouth to his wanting to taste him.

Gabriel wasted no time in responding. His warm tongue touched my lips before pressing into my mouth, moving in rhythm with mine. Heat ran through my body and down to my core.

It was as if everything in the world had disappeared, and the two of us were all that was left.

I moved my body up against his, wanting to satisfy this burning need from within me. He let out a growl that caused moisture to form between my legs as his hand left my hair to grab my ass and lift me. My legs wrapped around his waist instinctively, and he walked forward, parting from our kiss only long enough to lay me down on the bed.

Our hips began to grind together as our mouths reunited. Each movement had me moaning in pleasure. The way my jeans and his shorts pressed against me felt incredible, but I wanted more. I could feel his hardened member and felt a desperate need to remove our clothes so I could touch him directly.

He pulled from my mouth, leaving me to pant in an attempt to catch my breath, as he made his way down my throat to the junction where my neck met my collarbone. The feeling of his warm breath followed by his hot tongue as he licked the skin had my toes curling. I briefly pictured other places his tongue could go before his hips slowed against mine, and he came back up to kiss me deeply.

"My mate, I want to please you in every way possible, but I think we should give you some time to process what you've learned tonight. I don't want to take advantage of you." His husky voice had his chest rumbling against mine as he spoke. My hands slid down from where they had found themselves under his shirt. The skin of his back was smooth in most places, but scars could be felt every now and then. I moved them down to his butt, pressing him down harder, and I ground against his member, pulling a guttural grown of pleasure from him.

"I look forward to it."

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Sondra Tinsley
The books are good they keep you intrigued and you just have to keep reading but what you have to pay to read the whole book is ridiculous. I was reading one of the books and I just couldn’t stop until I realized that I had spent $50 and was only on chapter 625 of 1600 + and they’re not full chapter
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Julie Perez
I am loving ... your book. I just happen on it and it has me hook 🪝
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Goodness that was sweet and hot. He’s been waiting for her to decorate their house. He wants his Luna’s touch. So sweet.

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