Chapter 2

I shut the door tightly, rushing into the bathroom and locked the door, as if that would help clear my head.

The fuck did I just witness? And not just that but also the fact that he saw me, he saw me and smirked at me. He saw me watch them fuck.

—For fucks sake, why did I have to stand there and watch them, watch him groan as he wrecked her walls. Watch him wrap her hair around his knuckles, pulling her head back, wrapping his other free hand around her neck.—

I rushed towards the wash hand basin, turning on the water and splashed it on my face. Not only did I see them but I’m also thinking about it? The worse part is the fact that I don’t regret standing there and watching it. For a moment, I wanted it to be me.

What the hell? For a moment, I wanted it to be me.? Am I that sexually starved? It wasn’t even my style of sex so how? Has to be tiredness. Definitely the fact that I am tired.

I stared at my reflection through the mirror but instead I could only see Adonis and his bimbo.

-fucking hell-

I splashed more water to my face, I shouldn’t have seen what I did, I shouldn’t have stood there like a dumbass, like a creep and watch them.

I just know Adonis would tease the hell out of me tomorrow and the thing is, I would have nothing to retort back with.

I pulled the towel sitting by the door and wiped my face with it, walking out of the room but paused upon hearing footsteps outside.

My breathe hitched, I stood still as I waited for the person walking to finally leave. A part of me was scared that it was Adonis.

“Lola? Are you sleeping?” I heard Chloe’s voice and released a breathe I didn’t know I was holding. My grip on the towel loosened.

“C-Can we talk tomorrow Chloe? I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I say and she replied with an okay.

I sighed as I sat on the bed, throwing the towel beside me and placed my hand against my head. I could feel myself burning up even though I just splashed cold water on my face. I pulled off my slippers and laid on the bed, wrapping the duvet around my body. I just have to sleep and forget tonight ever happened.

I didn’t see shit and when tomorrow comes, I will deny it with everything I’ve got but hopefully, Adonis doesn’t question me.

Who am I kidding? Adonis will never miss a chance to call me a creep. He won’t miss a chance to tease me and make me flustered. He enjoys seeing me tongue tied even though it’s only happened a few times during the years we’ve known and tomorrow, he won’t miss the chance.

I woke up the next day, determined to fight last night, I cleaned up and changed my clothes. I wanted to go shopping today and changed my entire wardrobe, I could at least do that instead of staying here with ‘you know who’

“Lola? It’s Chloe. Are you up? If you are then open the door, it’s noon and you haven’t stepped out of the room. You have to go out and see the beauty of Francesca.” Chloe’s voice echoed as she spoke, making me chuckle. I made my way to the door and opened it, catching her mid way through her talks.

She smiled sheepishly at me as she made her way into the room. “I thought you might put up a fight, you didn’t come out for breakfast and Liam said—“

“Let’s go shopping-“ I cut her off. Her brown eyes widened slightly as she stared at me

“Shopping? Did you not come with enough clothes? I thought I asked you to but if you want I brought more than enough clothes so you can-“

“No Chloe, I want to go shopping and change my clothes, I want to look better.” I muttered.

“B-but you already look fine. Is something wrong? Lola?”

God I wanted to smack Chloe into oblivion. Can’t I just go shopping without all these questions? “Chloe, it’s just shopping. Stop behaving like I’m running from something? I just want to change my look, I’ve been moping around for the past five months and now you’ve never missed a chance to ask me to move on and now, I’m finally ready. I want to start by giving myself a makeover, one that I really really need so stop asking so many questions and let’s go.”

A smile crept up her face as she looked at me, her brown doe eyes was glassy. “I’m so happy, so happy Lola. When do you want to go?” She asked, beaming widely at me.

“Right now, I can’t wait anymore.” I say. Yes, I know I wanted to go shopping but I also know I can wait a few hours but no. I’d rather go now, spend the whole day out so I don’t have to see him.

“Now? You’re sure?” Chloe asked and I raised my eyebrows.

“No, no. I’m just saying, you haven’t eaten and won’t you be hungry?” She asked. Of course she was concerned for me but how do I tell her, I purposely didn’t come downstairs to eat just so I don’t see Adonis. Although I know I can’t run away for ever but right now, I can and I will run.

“I’m not hungry and if I am we can easily eat out, you did tell me not to stay in today and I just want to go out, shop, eat and look around. Come on Chloe, don’t start.”

“Of course not, I’ll just change my clothe and grab the car keys and off we go.” She says with a smile on her face, stands up from the couch

“I’ll be back soon.” She tells me and walked out of the room.

I sighed as I stood up from the bed, walking towards the window and parted the curtains. I could see the beach from here, the people walking and running. Everyone looked happy there and I should too. I should be happy. Right?

“I’m ready.” Chloe’s voice boomed as she stepped into the room. I turned to see her smiling widely, she had wore a white pair of sneakers and a cross bag to match. “I told Liam we are going shopping and look, he gave me his credit card and demanded that you don’t pay for whatever so he is paying for everything.” She tells me, throwing the card at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I stared at it. Liam didn’t have to do this. If I want to change my clothes then that’s on me and not him. I understand that he is doing amazingly well and can afford anything and everything but not this.

“I know that look and you’re overthinking this. Liam is your brother, Lola and your twin brother at that. He is allowed to spend on you when he wants to without you thinking so much about it. Stop over working your brain and just enjoy his money today.” She tells me.

“I don’t know Chloe, I feel like I am taking advantage of him already. This whole vacation is for me and he is paying for every single thing. It’s not fair to him.” I muttered, pulling her arm out and placed the card back into her hands.

“Lola, stop over thinking. Liam does whatever he does for you because he loves you. You’re his twin sister and trust me, nothing would make him happier than seeing you happy. I’m sure it goes both ways so think about it. If he realizes that you declined this.” She waves the card again “He’s is going to be unhappy and also start overthinking, he’s already beating himself so much because you’re ‘mad’ at him for bringing Adonis along. Please I can’t handle more of that overthinking and you too. Here you are overthinking this, just take it and spend money that isn’t yours.” Her voice rising more as she spoke, clearly frustrated.

“Fine. Stop yelling.” I muttered, walking past her to grab my purse and shoes.

“Would you like to visit a salon too? I think you might need it.” She tells me as we walked out of the room together.

“Yeah, what a subtle way to tell me my hair looks like shit.” I sneered sarcastically as we walked down the stairs. I couldn’t help but look around, trying to watch out for ‘you know who’

“Uhn…Adonis and his girlfriend still here?” I asked as I looked around cautiously.

“I think they went out a while ago, I’m not so sure though.” Chloe says, oblivious of me looking around for them.

We got out of the house and hopped into the car, Chloe would be driving today since she’s more familiar to Francesca and this is my first time here after all.


It’s been hours and we’ve been out here, in town, going to every single store and buying stuffs. Let me rephrase it. Chloe has been dragging me to every single store in town to buy clothes. I know I asked to go shopping but god know I am so fucking close to loosing my mind.

“Oh my goodness, look at that bikini store over there, let’s go get you some.” She says excitedly, immediately wrapping her hand around my wrist and drag me along.

“ Chloe, I don’t need bikinis.” I say but of course she had muted me. I wanted to spanned the entire day out and well, this is it. This is me spending my day out. This is the price I have to pay so I don’t see Adonis.

“Look at this purple one? It would look absolutely stunning on you. What do you say?” She says, shoving the piece of clothing to my face. I rolled my eyes as I collected it from her.

Truthfully it was beautiful, exactly what I would go for, if I wanted a bikini but I don’t need one. I’m—“ I couldn’t complete my sentence

“Blah blah blah, all those boring stuffs you think of but that’s not my business. You’re getting this and many others.” She says, ignoring every single thing I’ve said. I rolled my eyes as I watched her walk around, looking for others for me. I sat down and watched her do her thing. At least she knows what I like, so I trust she would get something that goes with me.

The day goes by as fast as it could and now we were on our way back to the house. Chloe dragged me to every single store in town and eventually to the salon where I changed my hair color and style. I decided to dye my hair caramel brown and styled it wavy and truthfully. I am already feeling better.

Extremely good.


It’s been three days since I got back from Francesca. Three days of thinking about that night. It’s forever imprinted in my mind and I can’t even get it out. Spending the rest of the days back at the vacation house had been extremely nerve wrecking for me. Adonis didn’t speak about that night and honestly, I didn’t know if I should be happy about it or worried.

Adonis would NEVER miss an opportunity to troll/tease me but during the trip. He didn’t say anything about that night. I was beginning to believe he really didn’t see me but then again I am certain he saw me. His eyes pierced through mine.

‘Arrgh’ I groaned, slapping the papers in my hand on my face. What’s happened has happened and thankfully he didn’t bring it up. I should be more glad he’s forgotten and I should do the same. Forget about it too.

“Miss Hilton. Please reschedule all of my meetings for today as I would be out of the office for today. Is that alright?” I heard my boss, Mr Callus speak through the intercom.

“Yes, of course sir.” I replied and got right to work. I’ve had just about enough time to think about why happened during the weekend and now I should focus on work again. Working as the personal assistant for one of the prominent gaming company in the country has its pros and cons. Which means I have a love and hate relationship with my job.

I love the money that comes with it of course but then again. I still don’t have time to myself. This weekend getaway I had with Chloe had just opened my eyes to so many things I hadn’t realized I had missed.

Chloe is my bestfriend but I can’t remember the last time I went out to lunch or dinner with her. I can’t remember the last time I went to visit her in her home. I can’t remember the last time I took a break and just enjoyed life for some days without rushing to work in the middle of the night when Mr Callus needed me to or rushing out of the country to attend a business meeting for Mr Callus who was to busy going golfing with his friends. Don’t get me wrong. My boss isn’t a bad person but maybe I have given him space to assume I would be ready to do anything when he needs it.

I still remember my conversation with Chloe during our last stay at Francesca

“Mia came back two weeks ago, you remember Mia, right?” She asked, rubbing the sunscreen on her face as she spoke.

“Mia? The blonde petite girl back from high school, I had no idea she came back already”

“Yeah she did and we all went out to welcome her, I sent you series of messages telling you about the hangout and asked if you could come but you didn’t even read the messages.” She says, her tone going accusatory already.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I averted her gaze.  “Lola, I know you’re busy and things has happened through these five months but you know you have friends right? It would be nice to see you just like I used to. You know, I shouldn’t have to coerce you for weeks before you can come out with me. I’m still your best friend, right?” She asked.

I shifted my gaze back to her only to see her staring at me, I could see the concern on her face. Did I worry her so much and I didn’t notice it.

“I miss you, Lola. I miss us and really hope everything can go back to the way it used to or maybe even better.” She says, placing her hand against mine to comfort me.  “I’m sorry, I’ll do better.” I whispered.

Present time-

I promised Chloe I would do better and that is why I am currently in Mr Callus’s office waiting for him to give me the go ahead to speak.

“Miss Hilton? Is anything wrong?” He asked, removing his glasses and set it against the wooden table.

I shifted my weight from one leg to another nervously. Finally gathering the courage to speak

“Actually sir, I was—I want to take a leave. I’ve been working here for two and a half years and I have been as diligent as I can be, I haven’t taken a single break in those two years and I think it’s time I did.” I rushed out.

The silence was overwhelming, I just wanted to combust. —Did I lose my job became I asked for a leave? For fucks sake, please let me keep my job—

“Okay. I was wondering when you’d ask but since you didn’t ask, I decided not to speak about it. How many days do you need? You can draft it out and sent it to my mail. Take as many days as you can but do remember you still work here. Have Anna fill in for you for those days you’d be off and that’s it.” Mr Callus tells me, putting his glasses on and went back to work.

—Did I hear him right? I can take the break? And he didn’t even seem annoyed about it?—

“Miss Hilton? Is there anything else?” His voice brings me back to reality and I shook my head, hurrying my ass out of his office.

I couldn’t help the grin that formed widely on my face. I could take a break and he isn’t even mad about it? I can freaking take a break.

I rushed into my cubicle, turned on my laptop and immediately began to draft out the mail. I decided to go off work for two weeks. I mean, I deserve it. right?

I heaved deeply as I finally sent the mail, resting against the couch as I eyed the letter over and over again.

I asked for a break and Mr Callus was okay with it. Why did I ever think he would get mad and probably fire me from my job but instead, he was wondering why I hadn’t asked for a break.

—Silly Lola-

I picked up the landline and made a quick call to Anna, telling her to come see me as fast as possible.

Anna is my assistant, well not mine per-se but she’s too help me at all times and attend some meetings whenever I couldn’t. Not like I ever met the poor girl do anything. During the period Damien and I broke up. I practically rendered her useless. Making sure to do everything and anything I could at work.

Few minutes later, she’s comes bursting through my door. A nervous smile laid on her lip as she stared at me

“Hi Anna.” I greeted in a bid to calm her nerves. Her blue eyes widen slightly upon hearing how sweetly I called her name. I’m usually very professional and I do understand her reaction.

“D-did I do anything wrong?” She queries but I shook my head.

“Not that I know of, listen. I would be going on my leave for two weeks and you will be required to stand in for me until I get back, and by stand in. I mean do the job that I do till I get here. Do you understand me?” I asked, cocking my head sideways as I waited for her response. I couldn’t miss how her shoulders relaxed in relief.

“ that’s it.” She says making me confused. I raised my eyebrows as I stared at her

“That’s it? Did you do anything wrong Anna? Come to think of it, you seem quite anxious. Everything okay?” I asked

“Absolutely, I just didn’t know- you haven’t called me in months so when you called I was scared.” She stuttered out, her face growing red from embarrassment? Confusion?

“Oh Anna, well you have two weeks to work your butt off and don’t freaking fail me. Call when you need something or want to ask questions, not that I think you would have any questions ask. I always write out his schedules, meetings and important calls in the business log on here.” I say, handing her the iPad and just at that moment, the clock went off, letting me know it’s closing hour.

“Ah, we’re done for the day but yes. This contains everything you’d need so make sure to fill in properly. “ I say and she smiled, her eyes squinting as she did.

“I’ll be okay Ms. Hilton. You have nothing to worry about.” She tells me and I nodded, watching as she walked out.

I leaned back against the chair, feeling the incredulous weight off my shoulders. I glanced at the calendar sitting beside the framed photo of Damien and I.

Wait, Damien and I? Why the hell do I have this picture here? I hissed loudly as I stretched to pick the picture, flinging it into the trash can by the door.

My phone began to ring, distracting me from my thoughts. I glanced at it only to see Chloe calling me. A light smile made it’s way to my face as I picked the call, placing the phone against my ear.

“Chloe, I was just about to call you and guess what, I have good-news.” I rushed out, the smile on my face growing more by the second.

“Ahhh..” Chloe yelled

“For fucks sake Chloe! What the hell? I snapped, caressing my ear as I hissed

“I’m engaged! Liam proposed to me! Liam proposed and I said yes. I am fucking engaged to your twin brother.” She yelled happily over the phone.

“What? He proposed? Are you serious? Oh my goodness Chloe. I am so happy for you and Liam.” I rushed out, feeling ecstatic as I assimilated everything she said.

“I know and I can’t believe it too, he really got down on one knee and popped the question. Lola. I am so fucking happy, I can eat a full cow.” She tells me, sniffing as she spoke. I knew she was already teary but eat a full cow? Chloe is just insane.

“I’m truly happy for Liam and You, I mean you have no idea how happy I am.” I say

“I know, I know but yes. I remember you saying you had good-news for me. What’s it? “ My smile faltered as she reminded me, suddenly my good-news didn’t seem that much anymore.

“Pfft…I asked for a leave from my boss and we’ll, he granted it.” I say dismissively.

“Are you serious? I’m so happy you get to take a break and now you can help me with our engagement.”

I couldn’t help but smile as she spoke on, truly I was happy for Chloe and Liam, knowing just how much they deserved this happy ending. I am glad Liam finally gathered the courage and was able to pop the question. I don’t think there’s anyone better for him than Chloe.

Now, I am on my way back home, few blocks away from my house. My comfortable abode. I felt my ankle crease a bit as I walked. I did need to do some body resting after all but at least, I am free from tomorrow.

My phone began to ring again, jolting me from my thoughts. I rummaged through my bag and took it out. A smile making its way to my lips as I saw the caller. Liam.

“Hello, soon to be Chloe’s husband.” I say teased as soon as I picked.

“You heard already? Of course Chloe would tell you first. What do you think? Getting married to the love of my life?” He rushed out but I could hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke.

“I’m so happy for you, Liam. Chloe’s the best and I’m certain you did the right thing. Who would’ve thought Liam Hilton would be getting married?”

“Hey! You didn’t believe me when I said I would get married way faster than you? Right?” He asked jokingly and I smiled.

No I didn’t, I though my relationship with Damien would head in that direction faster than anything but here we are.

“Yah, don’t be a brat.” I snapped but I could tell he was rolling his eyes.

“Oh spare me, we are twins. You’re not my elder sister.” He countered. Although this isn’t the first time I would tease him like this

“Tell that to the nurse who I timed our birth. I am 2 minutes , five seconds older so you better learn to give me my respect.”

“Why don’t you take your two minutes, five seconds and shove it up your oesophagus.” He tells me just as I pulled up to my house and pushed the iron gates apart.

“I’m sure Chloe would love you hear what you just told me, don’t you?” I say, a playful smile displayed on my lips

“You wouldn’t dare, also there is a family dinner at the house tomorrow.  Chloe and I would be announcing our engagement so you better come.” He says playfully but I could hear a hint of seriousness

“Sure, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” I tell him and finally dropped the call, opening the door to the house and walked in.

A sigh escaped my lips as I kicked off my shoes, wriggling my ankle as I leaned against the wooden table beside the door.

I haven’t gone back home in five months and tomorrow I’ll be there again. I have to be there for Liam and Chloe.

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