Chapter 61

Adonis ~

It’s been three days.

Three days since I went to the police station and gave them the recording I had, filing a report against dad for holding mom hostage. They accepted it and opened the case but said they’d have to investigate it further before taking actions.

I was loosing patience as the day went by, here I am hunched against the desk, staring at my laptop.

“Sir.” Noah’s voice boomed in the office, I sat up to see him standing right in front of the table.

“It’s late and I should head home now.” He says and I nodded.

“How about you, sir? I don’t think it’s quite okay for you to spend the night here. You should go home and rest.” He tells me but I wasn’t willing to listen. I need work to distract myself from everything going wrong In my life. I legit thought handing the recording of father saying he’d rather kill mom would be enough to take him into custody the next day perhaps but it’s been three whole days! Three days of me waiting for the result of their investigation.
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