After she was finally out, Sumire randomly entered the other office door of the building to wait for the man. She happened to enter an office shimmering in silver-white that differs and sole color among the dark-brown office doors in the building. The maiden just ignore the signboard with the word "NO FILTHY ANIMALS ALLOWED" outside the door.

The maiden just burst inside and confidently entered the suite. She strides inside like she owns the place.

The bedazzling room opened up to her. Sumire felt like she was in heaven. The stuffs inside are neatly organized and sparkled. Each corner was shimmering in a silver hue. As if even dust were ashamed to invade this place.

Sumire squinted her eyes when she was finally inside. 'It's so shiny!'

Everything inside seemed to be sanitized, and even the air inhaled seemed to have been sterilized. The office has a hospital scent that lingers inside with alcohols and an anti-bacterial refreshener. The design of the office suite is v
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