Chosen not to know

The next few days went smoothly. Jared and Mira have gotten a separate apartment and no longer share the same Mansion with Camilla.

Camilla was now living with Sara and the servants. Her kids and their nanny. To be more protective, she ordered that they should never be taken out of the Mansion without her consent.

She had become restless after that day she saw Rodrigo and he ignored her. He had looked forward to her letting go of her grievance against him and now that she was ready, he wasn't interested anymore, at least that's what it appeared to be.

She needed to find Jared. Talk things over with him and ask him if he ever found out anything about Rodrigo's scandal, who was actually responsible for it.

She was going to find Jared the next day when she got to find him at work. She sighed, what is Rodrigo doing at the time?

Was he in his study, doing some work as usual or was he drinking and partying?

But he seldom does the latter. If he did,it means it is important a
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