“Hey, sleepyhead. Do you want breakfast?” Jyeon’s gentle voice filters through my sleep-addled brain as warmth envelopes my downward-facing body. Content and heavy in my haven of bliss and not willing to budge just yet, even with his coaxing. I am star-shaped on the double bed and sinking into my comfy softness. His breath on my cheek and fingers lightly skim through my hair, tingling my scalp before he leans in and kisses me with soft grazing on the temple. Cosily snuggled against me, I flicker my eyes open and come around properly.

“Hmmm, what time is it?” I stifle a gentle yawn, too relaxed to lift my head or open my eyes. I could get used to this vacation existence with him. For three days, all we did was play in the sand and sea, have sex, eat, and sleep. I’m exhausted still, as though I haven’t slept, so it has to be ridiculously early. We sailed back to the harbor yesterday evening and had ourselves an early night in prep for t

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