Chapter 5

Ethane's POV

             As l brought her down the stairs to the dining table to sit with me,my uncle Lord Kendrick and board of demons l ordered her to sit saying. "Sit pet," and she sat on the floor.

            My uncle began to speak "Well Lord Ethane up until now we have seen you prove your Lordship to us on many occasions. We would love to witness your strength once again."

             I knew my uncle wanted me to kill Rosevelt but l just couldn't bring myself to do that. I needed a cover up. I needed to do something else

"What is wrong Lord Ethane? Can't you do it?" a member from the board asked.

Lord Kendrick's POV

            I have gotten him cornered now. There is really no way he can escape from this . If he kills his pet he loses and if he doesn't kill her he still loses. 

            Neither way l will be the winner. Because if he kills her l will prove to them that he is not capable of controlling a common pet so he had to kill her so how then can he be able to rule a kingdom?

            He will probably kill everyone. On the other hand if he doesn't kill her l will prove to them that he is a weakling and he is not capable of being a Lord. 

           I smiled peacefully why l looked at him. My poor nephew l really pity him. I chose to add fuel to fire as l asked "Lord Ethane are you too weak to do the needful? Can't you kill a common pet to prove your strength?"

Rosevelt's POV

           I was scared initially when my master asked me to sit on the floor but l became terrified when I heard the other Lord whom l don't know say that Lord Ethane should kill me but he promised me that no matter what happened he wouldn't kill me. That night seemed to be the longest night ever as l managed to look outside through one of the huge windows and saw how dark the sky was.

             It began to rain so heavily as l was sure I'm going to die. I looked at Lord Ethane but he didn't even care to look back at me once. Won't he say something?

             Where is the being that promised never to hurt me? Come to think of it, he didn't promise not to hurt me at all, he promised not to hurt me the way my former master did, which means his torture could be worse than that of my former master. 

            I really wish l was with my former master right now, I would really prefer him whipping me than me dying. At this point l had begun to curse myself inwardly for believing in a God forsaken demon.

Lord Ethane's POV

             I had no idea what to do. I was really lost because my uncle had managed to corner me. I knew his plan when l saw him smiling and decided to read his mind. 

             There was no way out and l didn't want to kill Rosevelt. I don't know why but l have grown fond of her so quickly plus l had already promised her that l won't kill her.

"Say something Lord Ethane,'' a member of the board spoke in a loud voice.

             I decided to read Rosevelt's mind and of course she saw me as the worst being but she gave me an idea.

            "Bring me my whip," l said to a maid of mine. In less than two minutes my wip was brought .

            I asked her to stand up and place her hands on the dining table. I began speaking to my uncle and the board.

"Instead of killing my pet and making it look as if l am so weak l cannot control a common pet I will keep her alive but still prove my strength to you all. Prove that l can control not just my pet but my kingdom." 

After saying this l began to whip her not counting the number of times she has been whipped. 

            I continued whipping her even when l saw her break down in tears. I know she could not beg me. I kept on whipping her all over her body from her head to her legs to her ass.

             On her neck as well, I made her turn around to face me as l whipped her on her breasts and on the tummy. 

            The only place l did not whip was her face. She couldn't take it anymore as she passed out and l left her there. My uncle stil in shock looked at me with so much anger in his eyes.

             I smiled inwardly seeing that my uncle has been disappointed.

"You didn't prove your strength, Lord Ethane." my uncle said.

           "Yes he did," all the members of the board who accompanied him echoed in chorus. 

            At this point my uncle realised that he had failed wolfly. They all left and l picked up Rosevelt and took her to my room. I called her healer to come and treat the injuries l had inflicted on her.

Rosevelt's POV

            By the time l realised myself it was morning and l was in my Master's bedroom but how did l get here. 

            Tears began to flow as the memories of what happened the previous night. Why didn't he leave me there to die? Why did he bring me here? I asked myself in anger.

             He is worse than my former master l hate Lord Ethane. I curse the day he bought me. I watched him as he entered the room. 

            I tried to get up from his bed but l couldn't. I was too weak after last night's incident. 

"Are you okay?" he asked me while he sat on the bed next to me.

            "No, you can come and finish what you started. Why didn't you kill me ? Huh?. What do you want to prove? That you are the worst demon? I should have known that you are just the worst being ever to exist. You are worse than my former master. Yes he whipped me but not in the manner you just did last night," I said to him while shouting and crying.

             "Rosevelt!!" He screamed while he tried slapping me across the face but stopped half way.

            "Why did you stop? Why don't you hit me? Slap me, cut me with a knife and in fact kill me. Why are you stopping yourself? What is holding you back huh? You demon!" I shouted back.

At this point the healer came to apply ointment on my wounds but l shouted at her and asked her to leave.

            Lord Ethane dragged me out of the bed and pinned me to the wall. He made my ass face him and rubbed it gently.

               "Now I'm going to spank you and after each smack you will say why you are spanked until it gets to 10" he said in a commanding voice that made me shiver.

               At first l didn't want to reply but after the killer look he gave me l simply said. "Yes master."

He smacked me saying .“Wrong. Yes sweetheart now correct yourself". I didn't waste time to reply "Yes sweetheart."

                  The smacks came one         after the other. I don't know why l was getting wet despite the whipping from yesterday,this spanking seemed to be making me wet and Lord Ethane noticed.

           "You are fucking wet Rosevelt so I'm gonna add two more spanks. Do you know why? It is because you are fúckîng wet for me and you will say it as l strike the last spank," he said.

            As he stroke the last spank l said "I'm being spanked because I'm fúckîng wet for my master," and he added the last two spanks.

             He then carried me to the bed and laid me there.He began to rub the ointment all over my body. Using it to massage my chest area where he had whipped me and ass, and all that seemed to make me wet the more. I didn't understand how his ordinary touch was making me go wild. I wanted to tell him to stop but I dared not complain unless l wanted another spanking.

             As l began to sleep I heard him say "Please forgive me l didn't mean to. I just didn't want to kill you. They gave me no other choice". And l fell asleep l didn't see him for 2 days after that incident. I began to miss him as l felt lonely.

             I really regret my actions. I shouldn't have spoken to him like that. I still sleeping in his room but will he ever come back to me? As l came out of his room in the morning l heard two maid's gossiping about me.

            One said to the other, "She thought she was special. I enjoyed the way the master whipped the hell out of her." and the other replied "I just couldn't stop laughing l can't wait for him to kill her."

             I really didn't mind their words because although lord Ethane whipped me he also proved to me that he will never kill me. As soon as l turned around l saw Lord Ethane and l hugged him.

               He seemed surprised and angry. He was angry because he overhead the maids and he wanted to punish them but I pleaded with him not to.

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