In Love With The Hot CEO

In Love With The Hot CEO

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Celine Nelson approached a stranger in a bar to sleep with as a revenge for her husband cheating on her with his secretary. She thought that it would only be a one night stand but she ended up getting married to the man. Jared Walker had a beef with her husband and in order to revenge this he forced Celine whom he had been stalking to divorce her husband. “Celine Nelson, I want you to divorcé your husband and marry me instead. I will pay you 10 million dollars. I know you need the money” Jared muttered without any hesitation. “Alright I accept, but you are going to give me some time to get the divorce.”

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255 Chapters
Chapter 1
Celine Nelson drowned the last shot of whisky the bar attendant offered her and felt enough courage to scan around and choose the best candidate for tonight. She was going to get herself laid no matter what. She has never dreamed of sleeping with another man before, but there is always a first time.The only one person she saw was sitting on the corner drinking a simple glass of water. His face was so emotionless but still he was the most gorgeous guy she had ever laid her eyes on. In her drunken mind she thought that things were heightened and she couldn’t resist looking at the guy.She stood up and walked slowly to the man. Even though he noticed her presence he didn’t look at her, all his attention was focused on the glass of water he was holding in his hands.Celine suddenly felt nervous but she had to finish what she came here for or she will never get a revenge on her cheating husband.She cleared her voice and waited for the guy to recognize her presence, but he still ignored
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Chapter 2
In between the kisses some reality dawned on her. She had changed her mind but she realized that it was already too late, so she started struggling in his strong arms.“No, I changed my mind. I want to go home.” Celine said with a trembling voice, she wasn’t even sure that he heard her.But not long he spoke, this time his hands moved to her back and he held her tight on his body so that she could feel his bulge. For sure it was solid hard as a rock as she felt it on her abdomen.With a hoarse voice he said “Not a chance. One thing for sure is that if I have you tonight you will belong only to me and nobody else. Do you understand?” He said with a domineering ego even Celine was surprised, why would the stranger desire unwanted woman like her?“I….I can’t I am m…..” Celine didn’t finish her statement, she was sure she sounded like the most stupid married woman on earth. But why would her body behave? It was on fire right now and the strange man wasn’t helping by holding her and touchi
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Chapter 3
As he moved his hips pushing his length deep inside, she felt sore. She winced with pain and he stopped a bit then whispered in her ears” just relax and try to open up, you will get used to it”How could he even say that she will get used to that unbearable pain? And why does she still feel pain when she wasn’t even a virgin, for God’s sake she was a married woman?“Why it is this painful?” She asked and the guy chuckled.“I don’t know, maybe it is because we are made perfectly for each other and I fill you completely or may be it is because I am too big or you are too tight.” He answered and in that moment she was allowed to rest before he started moving his hips again, hitting her sensitive spots over and over until she felt her walls tighten.“It is all you fault” she complained and the man locked his mouth with her to keep her shut. She was now interrupting him and he needed to feel and appreciate her bodyAs he continued thrusting faster and deeper, she wasn’t feeling pain any
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Chapter 4
So she held her face high and said defiantly “I am not moving out of here until you tell me who you are?”He creased his forehead and then muttered “You are so stubborn little missy, but in due time. Just stand up and do as I say. I do not like to repeat myself again or would you like us to do this my way? I promise that you won’t like it”He produced an ugly frown on his perfect face and she knew immediately that he was really angry. Well it looks like he was about to skin her alive, she better do what she says before things get worse for her.The worst thing is that she had never spent a night outside not to say sleeping around, she couldn’t tell what was waiting for her back at home.She covered her ears with both of her hands and partly closed her eyes and complained “Alright whoever you are, you are making too much noise. The hung over is too much and my eardrums are hurting. Please bring your voice down a little.”The man looked at her with dark and dangerous eyes that were mean
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Chapter 5
Now his eyes were the coldest she had ever seen and she couldn’t help but wonder what Nolan did to him. She never wanted to get involved in his affairs and now why would this guy think that she will be the price for his betrayal?Honestly her head hurt from too much thinking, she was just a simple housewife and never had to deal with such a complex situation like this. She held her head up and asked “So I am just some bargain chip for you. Do you know how that makes me feel cheap?”“What? I am giving you a hand to destroy that jerk for cheating on you. Therefore, don’t you dare complain to me?” Jared was almost shouting, he thought that the woman was becoming a nuisance.The next minute there was a total silence in the room and Céline didn’t have anything else to say except to shut her mouth. All she needed was for him to give her the money so that she can go and save her mother and as for marrying him, she still felt that he was just bluffing but the guy continued to dwell on the ma
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Chapter 6
On the other hand she also feared Jared Walker because of the rumours she had heard that he was a fearless CEO who didn’t beat around the bush. He dealt with his competitors ruthlessly. She had seen him a few times with her husband and that is why she was able to recognize him.The taxi reached the mansion and she paid the driver then she began walking toward the entrance. This was the place where she was supposed to be happy but why does her heart ache this much after what Nolan did to her. Never in her life will she be able to forgive him.With a trembling hand Celine opened the door and tip toed in to the house intending to go the bedroom. She felt dirty and greasy, so she needed to go take a long bathe then after wards she can face Nolan.Well she had already bathed back at the hotel room, But it was different, may be if she scrubbed herself more then the little sensations that she was still feeling in her body would disappear. She didn’t want to make any noise to attract Nolan’
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Chapter 7
While still deep in thoughts she heard her phone message notification and when she opened the message, 5 million dollars have been transferred to her account.That was the best message she had ever received in a while. Her mother had a stomach cancer and the doctors said that if she gets to be operated on time with a team of specialized doctors she will be cured. They were only waiting for the money.Another message followed immediately from Jared“That is the advance payment, the rest will be transferred the same way when you have satisfied all the conditions we agreed on. Please confirm to me if you have received it in your account”“Thank you” she replied to the message and put her phone back on the bedside table to continue reminiscing on the hot sex she had with the man.However her phone beeped again with another notification and she picked it up to read the contents. She never expected that it could be from Jared, her eyes widened in shock as she tried to understand what he wan
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Chapter 8
Alma Nelson was her mother, she was her only friend even when she was married and her husband never cared about her. Celine knew she would not take it if something were to happen to her.After about two hours of waiting while anxious, the door opened and one of the doctors wearing scrubs approached her then announced that the operation was successful and her mother would be better after some times. He explained that she had to be put under a temporary coma so that she could recover well.Tears of happiness couldn’t stop flowing on her face, she had lost countless times she had shed tears in the last 24 hours and this was the best news ever. Her mother was finally going to be cured, she will wake up and give her that sweet hug she used to.”Oh…doctor thank you so much, you don’t know how much this news have brought joy to my hopeless life. I promise I will pay the rest of the money as soon as I can.” There was hope and she meant it, as soon as she was done visiting her mother she will
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Chapter 9
“It’s okay Jared I didn’t want to bother you. Can you give me a hug please? I know this was not part of the agreement but right now I feel overwhelmed with everything.” Celine didn’t know why she asked but she needed his warm embrace.Jared didn’t hesitate, he moved closer to her and took her into his arms then gave her a tight embrace. Her perfume was still the same with a beautiful smell he liked the very first time she approached him without knowing that he had been stalking her.The vehicle chauffer was even more surprised because he had never seen the boss so attached to a lady the way he is with Celine, but he didn’t dare look at them at the back of the car. They were adults and whatever happens between them was none of his business.Celine immediately buried her face on his chest then he curled his hands on her back and held her tightly on his body as he whispered with a soothing voice “I need you to calm down Sweetheart .I don’t want to see you sad .As long as I am with you,
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Chapter 10
“Celine, did I forbade you not to touch?” He asked and then continued” I want you to be free when we are together. You can touch, kiss and feel however much you want to, okay. I am all yours the same way you belong to me and so don’t you ever feel ashamed or afraid of expressing yourself.”The moment she agreed to let her do as she pleases with his body, she pounced on him like a hungry cat and he groaned with satisfaction. Celine was awake now and the game has began. He just couldn’t wait for what she was going to do with her hands that were already caressing his body.The next minute he groaned with pleasure as he felt her soft hands stroking his groin. She took her time and made sure to touch the right sensitive spots that made his body burn to the touch, he was hot because of her, he always has been even when he couldn’t have her.Celine was trying this for the first time and she was wondering if she was making a fool out of herself or not. She wasn’t that experienced but by simpl
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